Related programs


Beyond the History of Science Department and the History of Science Collections, the University of Oklahoma offers a number of intellectual resources that may be of interest to students of the history of science. Many of our faculty have working relationships with these programs, centers, departments, and organizations, and these resources, in addition to the department's faculty affiliates and associates, offer further opportunities to broaden and deepen one's studies.

Interdisciplinary Centers and Programs

  1. Film and Video Studies

  2. Human-Technology Interaction Center

  3. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment Program

Library Collections, Museums, and Archives

  1. The Western History Collections

  2. The Bass Business History Collection

  3. Carl Albert Center for Congressional Studies

  4. The Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

  5. The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Related Academic Programs

Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Department of English

  2. Department of History

  3. Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

  4. Department of Philosophy

  5. Department of Psychology

  6. Religious Studies

  7. Science Education Center


  1. Department of Botany and Microbiology

  2. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  3. School of Geology and Geophysics

  4. School of Meteorology

  5. Department of Physics and Astronomy

  6. Department of Zoology

Scientific Research Centers

  1. The Oklahoma Archaeological Survey

  2. The Oklahoma Biological Survey

  3. The Biological Station at Lake Texoma

  4. The Oklahoma Climatological Survey

  5. The Oklahoma Geological Survey

  6. The Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms (C.A.P.S.)

  7. The National Severe Storms Laboratory