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Online Resources

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine database (HSTM) hosted by the Research Libraries Group (RLG). HSTM contains all of the data from the Isis bibliographies from 1974 to the present. In addition, it contains data from three other bibliographies: the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (compiled by Henry Lowood for the Society for the History of Technology), containing entries from 1987 to the present; the Bibliografia Italiana di Storia della Scienza (BISS) from 1982 to the present; and data from the Wellcome Bibliography for the History of Medicine from 1991 to 2004, supplemented periodically since then with monograph citations supplied by the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine. HSTM can be accessed through libraries or institutions with a subscription to the service or by individuals who are members of the History of Science Society. For member access, go to the RLG web site and login using the member username and password printed in the most current History of Science Society Newsletter.

World History of Science Online: Databases of Bibliographical and Archival Sources here and here. (Main WHSO web page.)

The Bibliografia Italiana di Storia della Scienza is annually updated and has special strengths in Italian language sources. Their web site gives access to a searchable version of their database in either Italian or English, and has links to other useful resources.

Islamic Science Newsletter includes a periodically updated list of current works on Islamic science.

The Scientific Instrument Commission has an online bibliography of over 3,000 works.

Print Resources

The "Abstracts" section in each issue of Historia Mathematica by Glen Van Brummelen is an excellent annotated bibliography for the history of mathematics.

The "Bibliography of the History of Australian Science" compiled by J. Horacek in each volume of Historical Records of Australian Science provides important references to Australian scientific history.