Isis CB History of Science Bibliographic Resources

This website is to be used for searching through the thesaurus that is used by the Isis Current Bibliography. It represents the bibliography as of mid-July 2005. Since the thesaurus is being continually updated this list will not remain current. It will be, however, updated from time to time.

Note that this site includes several lists. The Isis classification scheme is listed here as it is found in the most recent print version of the Current Bibliography (2005). The current list of journals that have had published citations over the last 30 years is also included here. Finally, there are several thesaurus lists. The first group contains all the subject authorities used in the current Isis CB, subdivided into personal names, institutions, time periods, geographical regions, and subject terms. The second list are terms that have been used in the Technology and Culture bibliography. The third list contains terms that were used in the Magda Whitrow classification scheme for the Cumulative Bibliographies. These terms were also used by John Neu when he submitted subject terms to the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine database. Finally, there is a list of subject terms used by the Forum for the History of Science in America.

Included in these lists are also occasional cross references. If you have questions about this list or would like to know more about the Isis CB please contact Stephen P. Weldon at