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Sage Mauldin

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Sage Mauldin


Adjunct Professor
Physical Science Center
(405) 325-2369

Sage Mauldin is an Adjunct Professor of Human Relations and an Affiliate Faculty Member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma and serves as a reviewer for the Critical, Social Justice, and Diversity Perspectives track for the Academy of Human Resource Development. He earned a B.A. in Psychology and a M.H.R. in Human Relations and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Adult and Higher Education with a focus on Human Resource Development at The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. His research interests include social identity development, critical workforce diversity/inclusion, and intersectionality in the experiences of LGBTQ+ persons in the workplace.

Beyond the groves of the Academe, Sage is a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Norman, a member of the American Civil Liberties of Oklahoma Board of Directors, and a State Delegate to Oklahoma’s Congressional District 4, which includes Norman, Oklahoma.

Throughout Sage’s career he has been a vocal advocate for the rights of vulnerable and protected populations and has championed such human rights causes as introducing legislation to ban conversion therapy in Oklahoma.

In 2018, Sage was a recipient of Oklahoma’s NextGen Under 30 Leadership Award in the category of Adult and Higher Education for his contributions not only to The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, but also to Oklahoma.