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Student Society for Human Relations

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Student Society for Human Relations


Our mission is to promote social justice, principles of tolerance, inclusion, dignity, and equal respect for all groups of people; to serve as social agents of change for the betterment of society; to develop leadership skills as future human relations professionals, and to actively seek ways to build relationships through service with the entire university and with the community at large.

3 pillars

“The Three Pillars: Social Justice, Leadership, and Community Building” are SSHR's core principles.



Norman OU Human Relations majors are invited to become members of The Student Society for Human Relations (SSHR). The organization, however, is open to students of ALL HR undergraduate and Graduate MAJORS!!

Membership in this organization provides a voice for students in the Human Relations major and provides a way to enhance their academic experience. The organization's monthly meetings provide a chance to meet other students in the major and hear from some of the field's most knowledgeable experts. You will also be provided with valuable information on education, internship, and career opportunities for students at all levels. You'll meet lots of students like yourself as well as the Human Relations Faculty. 

Membership is only a one time $20 fee, and this includes a great SSHR t-shirt.


Monthly membership meetings are held during the academic year in PHSC Room 728 and serve as informational events for members. Guest speakers are invited to provide information about employment, careers, internships, and community building opportunities. Former HR professionals are often invited to share their experiences which gives valuable insight on putting an HR degree to practical use. In the fall and/or spring we hold a leadership retreat to develop and enhance leadership potential.

Meeting days and times are announced via Facebook, the departmental calendar, and by checking this webpage. Come and bring a friend—we hope you will decide to join! The HR faculty sponsor is Dr. Marilyn Byrd, (405)325-6405,

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The OU-Tulsa chapter of the Human Relations Student Association (HRSA) also provides a way for students to become involved in the Department of Human Relations (HR) and ensure that their voices are heard.  In keeping with the philosophy of the HR program, the HRSA works to promote the Department, to facilitate communication between students and faculty, to voice student concerns to administration, and to advocate for professional development opportunities for students.

Tulsa HRSA Goals:

  • Facilitate experiences with the purpose of enhancing the Department’s objective of providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively as professionals in a wide range of human service careers.
  • Support the Department’s goal of preparing students for effective leadership.
  • Find ways for students to work for the provision of equal opportunities for all by seeking solutions to community, state, regional, and international problems.