Latin American Area Studies provides a concentration in the region's history and culture. The course of study features Latin America's economic, geographic, social and political patterns as well as its problems. With a population nearing half a billion people, Latin America has traditionally been, and is now more than ever, a critical area for the United States. Students will examine the historical ties between the two regions in relation to the commonality of cultures and objectives that are becoming increasingly stronger as interdependence grows.

Students concentrating in Latin American Area Studies will choose their language specialization and begin studying the Spanish and/or Portuguese language as early as their freshman year

Course Requirements

In addition to the core requirements set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences, students pursuing a degree in Latin American Area Studies will need to complete the following courses.

    Major Requirements (download degree sheet here) 30 hours, 18 must be upper-division

I. Geographical Area of Concentration

    A. Foreign Language & Literature                        (6 hours)
        Two courses at the 3000-level or above beyond the 19-hour requirement, in any of
        the languages in the area of concentration.

    B. History and Ideas                                             (6 hours)
       HIST 2613, Hispanic-Amer. Hist. 1492-1810
       HIST 2623, Hisp.-Amer. Nations
       HIST 3683, Revolution in Latin America
       HIST 3690, Topics in Latin Amer. Hist.
       HIST 3703, Native Peoples of Latin Amer.
       HIST 3713, History of Mexico, 1800 - pres.
       HIST 3733, Women & Gender Relations in Latin America

    C. Politics and Society                                         (6 hours)
        ANTH 3143, Peasant Societies
        ANTH 3333, The Aztec World
        ANTH 3883, Archaeology of S. America
        ANTH 3893 Maya, Aztec & Inca
        COMM 3513, Intercultural Communication
        COMM 4513, International Communication
        IAS/P SC 2603, Govts. Around the World
        P SC 3653, Govt. & Politics of Latin Amer.
        P SC 3693, Govt. & Politics of Mexico

    D. Arts and Culture                                              (6 hours)
        A HI 3803, Pre-Columbian Art & Arch. in Meso- & South America
        A HI 4913, Seminar (content based on Latin America)
        SPAN 4093, Spanish-American Lit. I
        SPAN 4103, Spanish-American Lit. II

II. Geography                                                            (3 hours)
        GEOG 2603, World Regional Geog., or
        GEOG Selected Studies (content based on Latin America)

III. Study/Work Abroad
        Each student is required to spend at least one summer or winter term (preferably one year)
        in an approved abroad program or in an approved foreign work experience.

IV. Senior Capstone Course                                        (3 hours)
        IAS 4013, Senior Capstone

   Major Support Requirements
       19 hours of one foreign language relevant to the geographical area of concentration.

   Free Electives
        Electives to bring total applicable hours to 124 including 48 upper-division hours.

Coordinator for Latin American Area Studies

Director Robert H. Cox, Ph D
International & Area Studies
University of Oklahoma
729 Elm
Hester Hall Rm 207
Norman, OK 73129-0535
Phone (405) 325-1584
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