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Programs and Courses

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Undergraduate Major and Minors

The University of Oklahoma offers the following programs:

- Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies

- Bachelor of Arts in History
   (Judaic/Israeli History Thematic Field)

- Minor in Judaic and Israel Studies

- Minor in Hebrew


Graduate Level Study

The University of Oklahoma offers the following:

- MA History | Judaic/Israel History Major Field
 Exemplary  applicants to the MA program may be offered a Schusterman Center Graduate Fellowship in Judaic/Israel History.

*Graduate program applications are due December 31st.

Doctoral level work in Judaic and Israel Studies may be pursued through the PhD program in History, in collaboration with Schusterman Center faculty.

Please contact Director Alan Levenson for inquiries about graduate study.

CL C 3803-001 World of Late AntiquityScott JohnsonMWF 10:30a-11:20aCarnegie 225
HEBR 1225-001 Beginning Hebrew (continued)Ori KritzM-F 10:30-11:20/45aKH 0333
HEBR 1225-002 Beginning Hebrew (continued)Ori KritzM-F 12:00/30-1:15/20KH 0138
HEBR 2213-001 Intermediate Hebrew IIOri KritzMWF 11:30-12:20KH 0319
HEBR 3223-001 Advanced HebrewOri KritzMW 3:00-4:15KH 0231
HIST 3253-001 Germany: Bismarck to HitlerCarsten SchapkowTR 10:30-11:45aPhysical Science Ctr, 0116
HIST 3293-900 AntisemitismStephen NorwoodT 4:30-7:20PDale Hall 112
HIST 3563-001 JerusalemRhona SeidelmanTR 3:00-4:15pmDale Hall 125
HIST 3623-900 Conformity/Dissent in 1950s/60sStephen NorwoodM 4:30-7:20pGH 150
HIST 3733-001 History of Heaven and HellShmuel ShepkaruMW 1:30-2:45Carnegie 225
HIST 3773-900 Jews/Christians in the Middle AgesShmuel ShepkaruMW 4:30pm - 5:45pmDale Hall 105
HIST 4003-001 Jews/Other GermansCarsten SchapkowTR 3:00-4:15pmKH 140
HIST 4083-900 Museums, Monuments, MemoryJanet WardTR 6:00-7:20pDH 107
LSTD 4163-301 World Religions and EcologyNina LiveseyOnlineOnline
LSTD 4163-401 World Religions and EcologyTyson PutthoffOnlineOnline
LSTD 4213-401 The Bible as a Literary WorkNina LiveseyOnlineOnline
MLLL 3063-001 Jewish LiteratureOri KritzTR 3:00-4:15pmKH 0231
RELS 1113-001 Intro to Religious StudiesRobb YoungTR 9:00-10:15aGH 160
RELS 1113-004 Intro to Religious StudiesRangar ClineMWF 10:30a-11:20amGH 150
RELS 1213-001 Judaism and ChristianityJill Hicks-KeetonTR 12:00-1:15pDH 116
RELS 3623-002 Apostle Paul: Life & ThoughtsJill Hicks-KeetonR 3:00-5:30pGH 150
RELS 3833-001 Biblical ArchaeologyRangar ClineMWF 11:30-12:20FARZ 150
CourseInstructorScheduleLocationCore Listing
Course Description
HIST 1563 The Jews from Abraham to Zionsim
HIST 1573 The Artist's Bible - From Mosaics to Graphic Novels
HIST 2013 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
HIST 2103 Genocide in Modern History
HIST 2123 The Holocaust
HIST 2203 Religion/Archaeology of the Near East, Egypt, and Mediterranean
HIST 2223  Evil in Modern Europe
HIST 2503 American Jews/Jewish Americans
HIST 3120 Spain Under Islam
HIST 3203 Transformation of Jews
HIST 3253 Germany: From Bismark to Hitler
HIST 3293 Antisemitism
HIST 3313 Israeli Culture Through Film
HIST 3403 Modern Israel
HIST 3413 History of Ancient Israel
HIST 3423 War, Prosperity, and Depression
HIST 3563 Jerusalem
HIST 3653 American Jewish History
HIST 3683 Jewish Mysticism
HIST 3733 History of Heaven and Hell
HIST 3770 Jews & Nationality
HIST 3763 Genesis Through Jewish Eyes
HIST 3843 International Relations in the Middle East
HIST 3893 Culture and Society in the Middle East
HIST 3950 Contemporary Israeli Society & Politics
HIST 3950 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
HIST 3950 Jews/Christians Under Islam
HIST 3950 Middle East History
HIST 3950 Modern Jewish History
HIST 3950 Religion,  Politics, and Society in the Midle East
HIST 3953 The Modern Middle East
HIST 3963 Rebirth of Israel
HIST 3973 Judaism: A Religious History
HIST 3983 Medieval Jewish History
HIST 3993 The Evolution of Martyrdom in the Judeo-Christian Civilization
HIST 4003 Jews and Other Germans
HIST 4603 Genesis Through Jewish Eyes
HIST 4613 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
HIST 4973 The Bible Since the Enlightenment (Capstone)
HIST 4973 The Bible Today (Capstone)
HIST 4973 Jewish Historiography (Capstone)
ANTH 4073 Anthropology of Jews & Jewishness
ENGL 3653 The Bible as Literature
HEBR 1115 Beginning Hebrew
HEBR 1225 Beginning Hebrew (Continued)
HEBR 2113 Intermediate Hebrew
HEBR 2213 Topics in Hebrew Grammar
HEBR 3113 Advanced Hebrew
HEBR 3223 Advanced Conversation & Hebrew Reading
HEBR 3513 Biblical Hebrew
IAS 3473 Arab-Israeli Conflict
IAS 3003 Early Islamic Empires
MLLL 4970 Topics in Hebrew
MLLL 3063 Jewish Literature from Antiquity to the Present
MLLL 3073 Hebrew Bible as Literature
RELS 1113 Introduction to Religious Studies
RELS 2403 Introduction to Comparative Religions
RELS 3193 Biblical Literature
RELS 3623 Life and Thoughts of the Apostle Paul
RELS 3213 Religion & Violence
RELS 3313 World Religions in America
RELS 3843 Biblical Archeology
RELS 3900 Prophets in Israel
RELS 4640 Field Study in Huqoq, Israel
SPAN 5333 Studies in Medieval Literature