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Film Festival and Library

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2019 JuSt Film Festival

Screenings Hosted by Carsten Schapkow

Film Festival Showtimes

  November 6th, 13th, and 20th @ 7pm

  Pizza to be served.
  Located at the Community Room of Dale Hall Tower, 9th Floor.
  455 W. Lindsey
  Norman, OK 73019

  The nearest parking lot is immediately adjacent to Dale Hall Tower
  For a visitor parking pass, please email Tryce Hyman.

For Accommodations on the Basis of Disability Contact Tryce Hyman at [405] 325-6508 or by Email.

Selection of DVDs from the Library

The Schusterman Center has a large collection of  over 140 items, including recorded lectures. For individual availability, please stop by our office. 

Film TitleYear
Adventures of Werner Holt, The1965
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul1974
Americaner Shadchen (American Matchmaker)1940
Antisemitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence2007
Arab Labor, Season 12007
Armenian Genocide, The2006
Axe of Wandsbek, The1951
Battle of Algiers, The1966
Beetle, The2008
Before the Revolution2013
Big Dig, The (Te'alat Blaumilch)1969
Big Lebowski, The1998
Book of Genesis, The; Volume 22006
Book Thief, The2013
Borrowed Identity, A2014
Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The2008
Bridge of Books: The Story of the National Yiddish Book Center, A2001
But Where is Daniel Wax?1972
Café Tales (Sipuray Bate Kafe')2003
Circus Palestina1998
Cities of Light: The Rise of Islamic Spain2007
Crimes and Misdemeanors1989
Dancing in Jaffa2013
Danish Solution, The: The Rescue of the Jews in Denmark2003
Devil's Arithmetic, the1999
Driving Miss Daisy, Excerpt: The Temple Bombing1989
Eastern Wind (Hamsin)1982
Eucalyptus Grove, The (Karaoke DVD)NA
Everything is Illuminated2005
Faces of the Holocaust: Marcel Jabelot1995
Fiddler on the Roof1971
Fire Within, The: Jews in the Amazonian Rainforest2008
Flying Dutchman, The1964
Follow Me: the Yoni Netanyahu Story2012
For Eyes Only1963
Forget Baghdad2003
Forgotten Refugees, The2005
Fox, The1978
Gatekeepers, The2012
Gefilte Fish2008
Gentleman's Agreement1947
Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem2014
Goodbye, Columbus1969
Great World Religions: Christianity2003
Great World Religions: Hindusim2003
Great World Religions: Islam2003
Great World Religions: Judaism2003
Hanna Arendt2012
Hanna's Journey (Hannas Reise)2013
Harmonists, The1997
Hats of Jerusalem2005
Hava Nagila (The Movie)2012
Heritage: Civilization and the Jews, Episode 5 & 61984
Hester Street1975
Hiding and Seeking2004
Hill "Halfon" Doesn't Matter1976
Hill "Halfon" Doesn't Matter (Hebrew)1976
Hu Halach B'Sadot (He walked through the Fields)1967
Hungry Hearts1922
Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers2011
Israel: A Nation is Born, Part I1994
Israel: Never a Dull Moment1990
Jazz Singer, The1927
Jerusalem: Center of the World2015
Jewish Americans, The2009
Jewish Transit Berlin: From Hell to hope2009
Jews of Iran2006
Jews of Poland, The (Yehudei Poland) NA
Jubanos: The Jews of Cuba2010
Kisses to the Children2011
Land of Promise1935
Lang ist der Weg1948
Last Jews of Baghdad: End of an Exile; Beginning of a Journey, The2005
Late Summer Blues (Blues Lahofesh Hagadol)1987
Legend in the Dunes2009
Lemon Tree2008
Life Apart: Hasidism in America, A1997
Life of Emile Zola, The1937
Liquid Wind2003
Longing: The forgotten Jews of South America, The2007
Marjorie Morningstar1958
Marriage in the Shadows1947
Masada, Mini-Series1981
Matchmaker, The2010
Matter of Time Series: Part 1, From Tripoli to Bergen Belsen; Part 2, Common Fate2005
Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death2013
Monster Amoung Us, The2008
Moorish South: Art in Muslim and Christian Spain from 711 to 1492, The2007
Moors: At the Height of Empire, The2007
Moors: Prelude to the Renaissance, The2007
My Flag2008
Nora's Will2008
Novos Lares (New Homes: Jews of Nilopolis)2009
Out for Love… Be Back Shortly1997
Passover Fever (Laylasede)1995
Pillar of Salt (Natziv Hamelech)1979
Policeman, The1971
Portrait of Wally: The Face that Launched A Thousand Lawsuits2012
Primo Levi's Journey (La strada di Levi)2006
Producers, The2005
Producers, The1967
Professor Mamloch1961
Red Orchestra, The2003
Reflections on the Middle East and Africa: Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami on the Middle East2009
Religions of the World: Judaism1998
Reporting on the Times: The News York Times and the Holocaust2013
Road to Love, The (Tarik El Hob)2001
Satin Rouge2002
Schindler's List1993
Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites2006
Stars: A Film by Konrad Wolf1959
Story of the Jews, The2013
Summer in La Goulette, A1996
Sweet Mud2006
Talmud & the Scholar, The1990
Talmud: Un Film de Pierre-Henry Salfati2006
Tickle in the Heart, A1996
Till we Have Built Jerusalem…2007
Triangle Fire: The Tragedy that Forever Changed Labor and Industry2011
Tribe, The2005
Turkish Passport: The Only Holocaust Story with a Happy EndingNA
Virgin, The Copts, and me, The2011
Walking the Bible: A Journey be Land Through the Five Books of Moses2006
Wall in Jerusalem, A1968
Way We Were, The1973
We Only Cry in Spring2012
Welcome to Kutsher's: The Last Catskills Resort2012
What do you Believe?: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers2005
When do we Eat?: My Big Fat Jewish Seder2005
Yidl Mitl Fidl1936
Year Zero2004
Zero Motivation (Blu-Ray)2014