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JuSt Lunch Brown Bag Lecture Series

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JuSt Lunch Brown Bag Lecture Series

First Wednesday of the Month at Noon


    Bring your lunch.
    We will provide snacks, tea, and coffee.


900 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73019
Parking available in adjacent parking garage.
See Tryce Hyman after the event for parking validation.

Sept. 4th           “Martyrdom: A Jewish Invention?” [Scholars Room]

                            with Shmuel Shepkaru (University of Oklahoma)

Oct. 2nd             “The Visual Presentation of the Dreyfus Affair” [Scholars Room]

                            with Simona Di Nepi (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Nov. 6th            “Tel Aviv Bauhaus and the White City Myths” [Regents Room]

                            with Janet Ward (University of Oklahoma)

Dec. 4th                “Human Nature in the Hebrew Bible” [Scholars Room]

                          with Tyson Putthoff (University of Oklahoma)

Feb 5th                  “Under Quarantine: Immigrants and Disease at Israel’s Gate” [Scholars Room]

                          with Rhona Seidelman (University of Oklahoma)

                          [Book Presentation & Ceremony]

Mar. 4th            “It’s All Syriac To Me: The Most Important Language You’ve Never Heard Of”
                           [Scholars Room]

                           with Scott Johnson (University of Oklahoma)