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Careers in Plant Biology

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Careers in Plant Biology

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Why get a degree in plant biology?

Plant biologists work in universities, medical facilities, government laboratories, and a variety of industries (e.g., agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical).  Plant science is a growing area and studying plant biology provides a solid scientific foundation to make you employable in a wide range of fields.  Our plant biology degrees are great preparation for careers to address complex societal issues involving population growth, food supply, and environmental problems.

Here are just a few of the many career options for plant biology degree holders, either directly or in combination with another degree:

Ecological Consulting

Regulatory Agencies

Landscape Management

Environmental Scientist

Science Writer

Academic Research

Medical Professions

Science Policy

Sales Representative

Biotechnology Industry

Patent Attorney

Laboratory Tech

Technical Representative



Preparing for a Career in Plant Biology

If you are interested in learning more about preparing for a future career involving plant sciences, the following links may be useful:

The Botanical Society of America Careers site

The OU College of Arts and Sciences Career Development site

The OU Career Services site