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Arts and Sciences Recognizes Honorees at Staff Reception

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Arts and Sciences Recognizes Honorees at Staff Reception

The College of Arts and Sciences celebrated 227 staff members at its annual Staff Reception. We congratulate our three Dean’s Staff Award winners. The purpose of this award is to recognize staff members in the departments and programs within the college for their outstanding job performance.   The winners are selected based on the following criteria.

  • Mastery of university, college, and departmental regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Effective interpersonal skills.
  • Activities above and beyond normal job responsibilities.
  • Quality of job performance, service and dedication to the University as demonstrated by personal activity or achievement, on behalf of the College of Arts and Science.

The award winners for 2018 are Kristin Stokes (Department of Health and Exercise Science), Michelle Kelley (Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology) and Tami Kinsey (Department of Economics).

The college also recognized the hard work and dedication of the staff members celebrating anniversaries.

30 Years

  • Cyndy Adams – Classics and Letters
  • Adell Hopper – Microbiology and Plant Biology

25 Years

  • Barry Bergeron – Physics and Astronomy
  • Ranell Madding – Oklahoma Biological Survey
  • Kristi Wright – Communication

20 Years

  • Trina Steil – Oklahoma Biological Survey

15 Years

  • Beth McCoy – Dean’s Office
  • Aifen Zhou – Microbiology and Plant Biology

10 Years

  • Megan Denney – Health and Exercise Science
  • Elizabeth McHenry – Dean Emeritus
  • Anjanette Pierce – Dean’s Office
  • Joy Van Nostrand – Microbiology and Plant Biology