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College Welcomes New Faculty For 2019

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College Welcomes New Faculty For 2019

The University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences welcomes and congratulates 32 faculty members who will join the university this year or who have taken on new roles. 

In alphabetical order by department they are:

African and African-American Studies Kalenda Eaton
African and African-American Studies Andrea Benjamin    
Biology    Laura Stein    
Biology           Katie Willis
Classics and Letters     Caroline Schroeder
Economics    Jonathan McFadden
Economics       Kevin Kuruc    
English            Joseph Mansky
English            Rachel Jackson
English/First Year Composition Antoinette E. Bridgers
Health and Exercise Science    Lois Coleman    
Health and Exercise Science                Yu Lu
History Lauren Duval    
Human Relations Linda Acton-Smith    
Library and Information Studies         Buffy Smith-Edwards    
Mathematics    Ashwini Bhat    
Mathematics    Carye Chapman    
Mathematics    Ashley Taylor
Mathematics    Cory Wilson    
Mathematics    Ricardo Mendes    
Mathematics    Miroslav Kramar    
Microbiology and Plant Biology                                      Kara B. De Leon    
Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Andrea Marculescu    
Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Annie Doucet    
Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Kaleigh Bangor
Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Dustin Condren    
Philosophy Russell Jones    
Physics    Grant Biedermann    
Physics    Robert Lewis-Swan    
Political Science    Melody Rowlett    
Political Science    Amy Goodin    
Psychology                 Tess Chevalier