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New Faculty Fall 2017

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Doerte BlumePhysics and AstronomyTheoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Naga Rama Kothapalli
First Year Research Experience
Being able to do research during undergraduate college years will be very advantageous for your career irrespective of your career choice
Angela Pharris
Social Work
Public child welfare, how public policies are implemented, how administrators and child welfare services make decisions and plan for programs and services for children in foster care and for youth who are aging out of the foster care system
Oluwatobi Odeleye
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemical education, focusing on student attitudes towards Chemistry and how to modify teaching strategies in order to enhance student interest towards this field
Roberto Pesce
Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature
Jeremy Kellawan
Health and Exercise Science
Mechanisms that match blood flow to metabolic demand in human health and disease
Tyler Ransom
Labor economics, urban economics, economics of education
Gregory Muller
Algebra, specifically the study of cluster algebras, a phenomenon discovered within the functions on many highly-symmetric spaces
Julie Gerlinger
Criminology, policy and crime, school discipline
Deborah Moore-Russo
Spatial literacy and the use of digital resources in communicating and making meaning of SEM (science, engineering, math) ideas
Elyse Singer
Reproductive politics in Mexico, bioethical debates at the beginning and end of life (e.g. abortion and euthanasia), health and healthcare, and church versus state control of the body
Laura-Isobel McCall
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Host-microbe communication and its impact on disease development
Raina Heaton
Native American Studies
Endangered languages and the structural effects of language obsolescence. Involved in language revitalization projects. Preserves materials/artifacts provided by Tribes and Linguists so that Native communities have ongoing access to Language data that can help them in the future
Amanda Wilkerson
Health and Exercise Science
Health impacts of sedentary behavior, investigating individual, social, and environmental influences on sedentary behavior and primarily focuses on the workplace setting
Hayley Lanier
Assistant Curator,Mammology
Ashlee Rowe
Neuroscience and Integrative Biology
Pengfei Zhang
Karen Meysick
Pathogenic Microbiology
Raymond Orr
Native American Studies
Ferah Munshi
Physics and Astronomy
Kuver Sinha
Physics and Astronomy
Charles Finocchiaro
Political Science
Erin Freeman
Kim Cassie
Social Work