Advising for Fall Begins March 9 !!!
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Advisors for Philosophy and Ethics & Religion Majors:
Prof. Zev Trachtenberg, 627 Dale Hall Tower, 325-6811
Prof. Matt Priselac, 621 Dale Hall Tower, 325-6324
Prof. Zak Miller, 622 Dale Hall Tower, 325-6324
Prof. Neal Judisch, 618 Dale Hall Tower, 325-5950
Prof. Jim Hawthorne, 120A Copeland Hall, 325-6324
Prof. Heather Demarest, 622 Dale Hall Tower, 325-6324

OU Philosophers in Multimedia:

Watch Prof. Wayne Riggs deliver his lecture "Open-mindedness, Understanding and Emotion" here.
Listen to Prof. Hugh Benson discuss Aristotle's views on philosophical method here;

The philosophy department has lots of Sooner Allies, who have been trained to provide resources and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of the OU community. The following members of the Philosophy Department are available for confidential discussions about sexual orientation and gender issues:
Grad students: Andrew Chau, Dan Cheon, Kelly Epley, Patrick Epley;
Department Chair Wayne Riggs;
Department Secretary Shelley Konieczny;
Staff Assistant Gabe Serrano;
Profs. Hugh Benson, Steve Ellis, Sherri Irvin, and Zev Trachtenberg.

Prof. Steve Ellis discusses being a Sooner Ally in this video:


Recent Awards to Philosophy Faculty

Sherri Irvin has been made an OU Presidential Research Professor. This is one of the highest research honors the university bestows upon faculty.

Sherri Irvin has won an OU Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship, to support a research leave during Spring 2014 to work on her book, Immaterial: A Philosophy of Contemporary Art (under contract with Oxford).

Linda Zagzebski has won a $95,565 grant from the John Templeton Foundation to support a research leave to work on her book, Moral Exemplars in Theory and Practice.

Recent Graduate Student Awards:

Kevin Nordby, has won the Provost’s Certificate of Distinction for Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching.

Andrew Russo has won the 2013 Provost’s Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Humanities and Fine Arts for his dissertation, A Defense of Nonreductive Mental Causation.

Alex Feldt won the 2012 Provost’s Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Humanities and Fine Arts for his dissertation, Climate Change and Human Rights: Creating Norms to Govern Earth’s Atmosphere.

News Events

OU Philosophy




  • The Women in Philosophy Discussion Group meets regularly to discuss professional issues. For information contact Prof. Sherri Irvin.
  • The Probability Reading Group meets Tuesdays at 1:30. For information contact Patrick Epley.
  • The Greek Reading Group. For information contact Hugh Benson.
  • The GO Club. For information contact Andrew Chau.
  • The Society Of Undergraduate Philosophers (SOUP) is an organization of undergraduates and graduate Students interested in Philosophy. The SOUP meets regularly for discussions, talks by faculty members, to view philosophically themed movies, and to engage in other philosophy related activities. Regular meetings are held on the First Tuesday of each month.