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Hugh H. Benson (Ph.D., Michigan), Samuel Roberts Noble Presidential Professor; Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology. Sooner Ally.* hbenson@ou.edu

Monte L. Cook (Ph.D., Iowa), Professor; History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics. mcook@ou.edu

Heather Demarest (Ph.D., Rutgers), Assistant Professor; Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics. hdemarest@ou.edu

Steve Ellis (Ph.D., Rutgers), Associate Professor and Graduate Liaison; Decision Theory, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics. Sooner Ally.* sellis@ou.edu

James Hawthorne (Ph.D., Minnesota), Professor; Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Formal Logic, Artificial Intelligence. hawthorne@ou.edu

Sherri Irvin (Ph.D., Princeton), Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Admissions; Aesthetics, Ethics. Sooner Ally.* sirvin@ou.edu

Neal Judisch (Ph.D., Texas), Associate Professor; Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Action, Philosophy of Religion. neal.judisch@ou.edu

Emily McRae (Ph.D., Wisconsin), Assistant Professor; Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. emcrae@ou.edu

Zak Miller (Ph.D., Rutgers), Assistant Professor; Philosophy of Language, Logic. zachary.john.miller@ou.edu

Martin Montminy (Ph.D., Montreal), Professor; Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology. montminy@ou.edu

Amy Olberding (Ph.D., Hawai'i), Associate Professor; Early Chinese Philosophy, Ethics. aolberding@ou.edu

Jeffrey Purinton (Ph.D. in Classics, Princeton), Adjunct Lecturer; Ancient Philosophy, Ethics. jpurinton@ou.edu

Matt Priselac (Ph.D., North Carolina), Assistant Professor; History of Modern Philosophy. mdpriselac@ou.edu

Wayne D. Riggs (Ph.D., North Carolina), Associate Professor and Chair; Epistemology, Value Theory. Sooner Ally.* wriggs@ou.edu

Edward Sankowski (Ph.D., Cornell), Professor; Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Education, Aesthetics. esankowski@ou.edu

Zev Trachtenberg (Ph.D., Columbia), Associate Professor; Social and Political Philosophy, Environmental Political Theory, Rousseau. ztrachtenberg@ou.edu

Linda Zagzebski (Ph.D., UCLA), Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics; George Lynn Cross Research Professor; Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Epistemology. lzagzebski@ou.edu

Affiliate Faculty:

Brian Chance (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania), Affiliate Faculty; Kant, History of Modern Philosophy. brianchance@ou.edu

Greg Heiser (Ph.D., Penn State; J.D., University of Oklahoma), Affiliate Faculty; Associate Provost and Director of Academic Integrity Programs; Philosophy of Law, Applied Ethics, Continental Philosophy. gheiser@ou.edu

Retired Faculty:

Neera Badhwar (Ph.D., Toronto), Professor Emeritus; Ethics, Moral Psychology, Political Philosophy, International Ethics. nbad@ou.edu

Reinaldo Elugardo (Ph.D., Western Ontario), Professor Emeritus; Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language. relugardo@ou.edu

Kenneth R. Merrill (Ph.D., Northwestern), Professor Emeritus; History of Modern Philosophy, American Philosophy, Whitehead. kmerrill@ou.edu

Chris Swoyer (Ph.D., Minnesota), Professor Emeritus & Affiliated Professor of Cognitive Psychology; Philosophy of Psychology & Social Science, Applied Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science. Sooner Ally.* cswoyer@ou.edu

*Sooner Allies are trained resource and support people for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of the OU community.  They are available for confidential discussions with anyone who has needs or concerns.