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Undergraduate Program

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Philosophy Undergraduate Program

The OU Philosophy Department offers two undergraduate majors: B.A. in Philosophy and B.A. in Ethics and Religion. We also offer an undergraduate minor in Philosophy. Our department offers broad training in the major fields of philosophy, with particular strengths in the history of ancient and modern philosophy, Chinese philosophy, logic, metaphysics, epistemology,aesthetics and the philosophy of art, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion. In addition to classes and seminars, the Department offers a rich and lively environment with an emphasis on informal interaction between faculty and students.

Curriculum Requirements

Please note that some required courses, especially at the 4000 level, are offered only once a year. This allows us to maximize the variety of our course offerings. It is important to plan ahead, consult an advisor, and register as soon as your enrollment window opens to ensure that you will have the courses you need for graduation.