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Find contact information, fields of study, and professional profiles with current research and curriculum vitae.

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Binghamton University-SUNY)

FIELDS: International Relations and International Political Economy

227 DAHT |


President Emeritus

Professor (B.A., Yale University, 1963; M.Phil., Univ. of Oxford, 1965; J.D., Univ. of Oklahoma, 1968) Former United States Senator. Former Governor of Oklahoma.

FIELD: American Politics

110 Evans Hall | 405-325-3916 |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., New York University)

FIELDS: Comparative Politics

229 DAHT |


Lecturer (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

FIELDS: Comparative Politics and International Relations 

226 DAHT |


Associate Director for Education at the National Institute of Risk and Resilience

Presidential Research Professor; Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison)

FIELD: Public Policy

304K DAHT | 405-325-8893 |


Adjunct Professor (M.P.A., The University of Oklahoma)

Teaching: Social Media, Public Administration


Director, Carl Albert Congressional Research & Studies Center

Professor (Ph.D., Michigan State University)

FIELDS: American Politics

101 Monnet Hall | 405-325-6372 |


Associate Director, Carl Albert Congressional Research & Studies Center

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Michigan State University)

FIELDS: American Politics, Research Methods

106 Monnet Hall | 405-325-6372 |


Professor (Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany)

Sam K. Viersen, Jr. Presidential Professor, IRB#1 Chair

FIELDS: Public Administration, Public Policy, and Research Methods

304B DAHT |


Director of Professional Programs

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

FIELDS: Public Administration, Public Policy, American Politics, Higher Education Policy

305B DAHT |


Associate Professor (Ph.D. The University of Georgia)

Presidential Professor; Professor of Political Science

FIELDS: American Politics, Electoral Behavior, Race & Politics, Research Methodology

222 DAHT | 405-325-4989 |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

FIELDS: Nonprofit Finance, Social Entrepreneurship

304L DAHT | | P: 405-325-2061


Professor (Ph.D., The University of California-Riverside)

Affiliate Faculty in College of International Area Studies | Affiliate Faculty in Environmental Studies

FIELDS: Public Policy

224 DAHT | P: 405-325-8878 |


Professor of Practice (M.A., University of Oklahoma)

FIELD: Nonprofit Management

304A DAHT |


David Ross Boyd Professor (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Presidential Professor

FIELDS: American Politics, Congressional Studies, Religion & Politics

223 DAHT | 405-325-4713 |


Lecturer (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma)

FIELDS: American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations

309 Dale Hall Tower |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Stanford University)

Affiliate Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies

FIELDS: American Politics, Research Methods; Race, Ethnicity & Gender

225 DAHT | 405-325-4890 |


Director of National Institute for Risk and Resilience

George Lynn Cross Professor (Ph.D., University of Rochester)

FIELDS: Public Policy Methodology, and Survey Research

2305 5 Partners Place | 405-325-6389 |


Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

FIELDS: Public Opinion, Mass Media, Campaigns & Voting Behavior

209 DAHT |


Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame)

FIELDS: Comparative Politics, Government & Politics of Latin America, Politics of Democratization, Authoritarianism, Political Violence & Revolution

226 DAHT | 405-325-3735 |


Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives

Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

FIELDS: American Political Institutions, Environmental Policy & Administration, Education Policy & Administration, Budgeting Process, Research Methods

104F EH | 405-325-322 |


Associate Professor (Ph.D. Florida State University)

FIELDS: Public Administration, Public Policy, Nonprofits

217 DAHT |


Associate Professor (Ph.D., Florida State University)

FIELDS: Public Policy. State Government, Political Methodology, and American Government

210 DAHT |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)

FIELDS: Nonprofit Administration, Public Administration, Public Policy

1J28 Schusterman Center OU Tulsa campus | 918-660-3363 |


Deputy Director for Research, Center for Risk and Crisis Management

Assistant Professor (Ph. D., University of Oklahoma)

FIELDS: Public Policy, Research Methods

5 Partners Place | 405-325-5872 |


Department Chair

Henry Bellmon Chair of Public Service, Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

FIELDS: Public Administration and Public Policy

304E DAHT | 405-325-5893 |


Professor (Ph.D., Louisiana State University)

FIELDS: International Relations, American Foreign Policy, National Security Affairs, Political Philosophy

205 DAHT |


Associate Dean Professional and Continuing Studies

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) 

FIELDS: American Politics and Comparative State Policy

1700 Asp Ave |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., The Ohio State University)

FIELDS: Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Immigration, Race & Politics, Religion & Politics

214 DAHT |


Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor of Political Science (Ph.D., University of Rochester)

Director, Center for Risk and Crisis Management

Co-Director, National Institute for Risk and Resilience

FIELDS: Public Policy, Methodology, and State & Local Institutions.

201 Stephenson Parkway, Suite 2300, 5 Partners Place | 405-325-0770 |


Chair, Undergraduate Studies and Internship Coordinator

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Cornell University)

FIELDS: American Political Development, Interest Groups & Social Movements, American Political Thought, The Presidency

218 DAHT | 405-325-6436 |


Adjunct Professor (M.P.S.A., Texas A&M University)

Teaching: Public Policy and American Politics

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Michigan)

FIELDS: American Constitutional Politics, Law & Society, Political Theory

216 DAHT |


Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

Associates Second Century Presidential Professor

FIELDS: Constitutional Law, American Political Development, American Political Thought, The Presidency

CARN 210 |


Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Washington)

Faculty Associate of the Center for Risk & Crisis Management (OU) and Comparative Agendas Project (UT Austin)

FIELDS: Regulatory Politics & Policy, Bureaucracy, American Politics, Public Policy, Agenda Setting, Research Methods

304D DAHT & 5 Park Place 2305 | 405-325-5297 |