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Ana Bracic

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Political Science, The University of Oklahoma website wordmark
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Ana Bracic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Professor Ana Bracic

Office: 229 Dale Hall Tower



Research Fields: Human Rights, Gender & Ethnic Discrimination, NGOs, International Orgsanizations, and Application of Quantitative & Experimental Methods

Favorite Courses: Human Rights & Contentious Politics, Introduction to Political Analysis


A.B. (cum laude), Harvard University
M.A., Ph.D., New York University

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Bracic joined the OU Political Science department in Fall 2014.  Her research is predominantly in the field of comparative politics, and focuses on questions of human rights, discrimination, the persistence of social exclusion, and ground-level effectiveness of human rights institutions, such as NGOs.  Most of her research relies on lab-in-field and survey experiments.  In order to gather data from severely underrepresented populations, such as the Roma in Central Europe, Dr. Bracic uses innovative approaches to measurement, like videogames.  Her research was recently published in the American Political Science Review.  Dr. Bracic is a co-founder of Community Engagement + Experiments Lab and serves on its faculty advisory board.  Dr. Bracic earned her PhD from the Politics Department at NYU in 2013.


Bracic, Ana. 2016. “Reaching the Individual: EU Accession, NGOs, and Human Rights.” American Political Science Review 110(3): 530-546.