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The graduate student’s faculty advisor conducts the initial evaluation, which then is reviewed by the Graduate Program Director before it is sent to the student and to the Graduate College.

Students are evaluated with respect to adherence to normal progress guidelines, performance in the classroom, the prevalence of incompletes and withdrawals, and on comprehensive (M.A.) or general (Ph.D.) examinations. A list of specific reasons for an unsatisfactory evaluation is provided below. The most common reason for an unsatisfactory evaluation of a doctoral student is the absence of an approved dissertation prospectus within one year of passing the general examinations. Another frequent reason is too many incompletes. Only in unusual circumstances should a graduate assistant receive an incomplete in their coursework.  If this occurs, continuance of their assistantship is jeopardized.
  1.   A student is judged to be INACTIVE if he or she has not enrolled in the last year.  Students who discontinue
        enrollment for more than a year are automatically removed from the graduate program by the Graduate College.

  2.   Reasons for giving an UNSATISFACTORY evaluation:
        a.    Violation of time standards for completing a degree.
                1.    Ph.D. – take Generals in 5 years with B.A. or 4 years with M.A.
                2.    Ph.D. – complete dissertation within 4 years of passing Generals.
                3.    M.A. – complete degree within 5 years.
        b.     More than two or three Incompletes
        c.    Too many Withdrawals from courses
        d.     Low grades or academic probation
        e.     Failure to form an Advisory Committee after third semester
        f.    No progress toward examination
        g.    Failure of comprehensive (M.A.) or general (Ph.D.) examination
        h.     Failure to submit and obtain Advisory Committee approval for a dissertation prospectus within one year of passing
               general examinations (Ph.D.)
        i.     No progress toward completion of thesis, research paper, or dissertation.
One unsatisfactory evaluation results in a warning to the student. Two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations will prompt an inquiry from the Graduate College asking if the department wants to drop the student from the graduate program. After three unsatisfactory evaluations, the Graduate College automatically will place a stop on enrollment and the student is dropped from the graduate program.

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