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The present student organization established for any graduate student currently enrolled in the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Political Science and its graduate programs is the Graduate Association in Political Science (GAPS).  The purpose of GAPS is aimed towards promoting interest in political science, fostering a sense of community, supporting graduate academic initiatives and professional developments, assist with acquiring funding for conferences and research, promoting graduate funding to become employable, and any other extracurricular activities not prohibited by law.       


Current Officers (May 2008– May 2009)

President:         Kate Richey
Vice Pres.:        Walt Jatowski

Sec./Treas.:      Natalie Jackson
GSS Senators:  Eric Davidshofer/Joe Ripberger
Faculty Rep.:   
Leslie Bracy
GSC Rep.:       Su-Mi Lee


Dale Hall Tower
Dale Hall Tower

Department of Political Science
205 Dale Hall Tower
455 W. Lindsey Street
Norman, Oklahoma  73019
(405) 325-2061

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