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A student who does not hold a master of arts degree in political science but who: 1)  has passed the General Examination for the doctoral degree in political science, 2) has completed an Admission to Candidacy form, 3) has met the departmental requirements for the M.A. degree,  and 4) has the recommendation of the department, may be awarded the M.A. in Political Science upon application for graduation. To complete the M.A. degree requirements, the student needs to complete a research paper (PSC 5950) or thesis (PSC 5980) and petition the Graduate College by filing the Admission to Candidacy form and Graduation Application forms. These forms are available from the  Graduate College.

Departmental Requirements:
9 hours in one field (concentration)
9 hours in three other fields (distribution)
3 hours - PSC 5913
3 hours PSC 5950 (Research Problems) OR hours PSC 5980 (Thesis)
9-12 hours of electives
36 hours Total

(The Graduate College recommends that you only include the minimum number of hours–36–on your Admission to Candidacy form.)




  Semester of Graduation










Admission to Candidacy form due in Graduate College*


April 1


October 1


March 1


Application for Graduation due in Office of Academic Records


November 1


March 1


July 1

*    Admission to Candidacy forms are reviewed in order of submission.  Early submission is encouraged.  Forms submitted after the deadline will be accepted but will be reviewed in the order of submission.  This may impact planned date of graduation.

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