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The M.A. degree consists of 36 semester hours.  It is offered either with a thesis or research paper option.  Coursework can be specialized in one of six fields:American,Comparative, Political Theory, Public Policy,Public Administration, or International Relations.

  • 9 hours "concentration" from one of six fields
  • 9 hours in "distribution" courses--one from each of three fields not taken as concentration
  • 3 hours quantitative methods--P Sc 5913 or equivalent
  • EITHER 3 hours for research paper OR up to 6 hours for master's thesis
  • Electives--from 9 hours (with 6 hours for thesis) to 12 hours (with 3 hour research paper), to be taken from additional courses in political science, other social sciences, history, or related fields
  • Comprehensive exam (oral)

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