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Graduate Student Conference Travel Policies

The department will make available limited financial support for graduate student participation in professional conferences as paper-presenters, depending on available resources.  The amount of money made available each year will be determined by the department chair in August.  The following guidelines apply: 

1.  General Travel Funding Policies:  Because money available for student travel is limited, students should not expect department funding to cover the full cost of conference attendance.  While students are not limited in the number of conferences they may attend or papers they may present, they can generally expect to receive department funding for only one conference per academic year.

2.  Funding Requirements:   Only academically significant papers will qualify for department funding, as certified by the signature of the student’s committee chair on the application form.  If no committee has been formed, the Graduate Program Director must certify academic significance.  Students must appear on the program of at least one panel as a paper presenter to apply.  All students requesting department funding are also required to apply to the Graduate Student Senate (all graduate students) and Graduate College (ABD only) for funding.  Attach a copy of the funding request to the departmental submission.

The following departmental conferences qualify for department funding:

Southwest Political Science Association (primary conference for students)
APSA/ASPA (for higher quality papers and work co-authored with faculty)
Midwest Political Science Association (generally for higher quality student papers)
Oklahoma Political Science Association
–Requests for funding to attend other conferences will be considered in exceptional circumstances. 

3.  Distribution of Money: Decisions on funding are made by the Department Chair in consultation with the Graduate Program Director. The award amount will depend on the following factors:(a) department budget, (b) quality of student’s paper, (c) number of students applying, (d) cost of trip.

              The Application Process

1.     To apply for financial support, applicants must submit a completed Student Request for Conference Funding form to the department chair a minimum of two weeks before travel.  This form is available from the department staff.

2.     The application form should be accompanied by a copy of the acceptance letter from a representative of the conference you are attending and a draft of the conference paper.

3.     To receive departmental support, the student must make a practice presentation prior to conference attendance. The Graduate Program Director, or designee, will assist the student in setting up the departmental presentation.

4.    No later than seven days after the conference, the student must turn in to the department chair the following items:

–A copy of the final paper
–Copies of all travel receipts
–A completed Request for Travel Reimbursement form (available from the department staff)

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