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The Ph.D. program at the University of Oklahoma enrolls approximately 50 active doctoral students engaged in teaching and research across six areas of study in political science- American Politics, Public Administration, Public Policy, Political Theory, International Relations and Comparative Politics. Students take examinations in two areas of emphasis, and also complete a rigorous sequence of appropriate research methodology in either foreign language study or extensive statistical techniques before writing a dissertation. 

Graduates from our program are on the faculties of a variety of colleges and  research universities, including the University of Kansas, Loyola-Chicago,  University of Missouri (Columbia), University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, Brigham Young University, University of Maine, Winthrop College,  Washington and Lee, University of Mississippi, and Tulane University. Oklahoma  Ph.D.s have also held prestigious Fulbright professorships, APSA Congressional  Fellowships, and held significant policymaking and executive positions in state and federal government. 


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