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Transfer Credit Applied Toward the Master’s Degree

Graduate College Guidelines for Transfer Credit
The acceptance of transfer credit toward master’s degree programs at the University of Oklahoma is determined in accordance with the following criteria:
• The course work transferred represents valid graduate credit earned in graduate-level courses from an accredited college or university; and
• The credit must carry a grade of A, B, or S on a 4.0 scale; and the S grade must be equivalent to a B or higher. For institutions with an expanded grading system (+/- system), the transfer credit must be equivalent to 3.00 or higher. Grades of B- do not transfer.
• The credit is not more than five years old at the time of admission or readmission to the degree program; and
• The credit is applicable to the degree program; and
• The credit is approved by the academic unit and the Graduate College Dean.

Limitations on Transfer Credit Applied Toward the Master’s Degree

• No more than 25% of the minimum number of credit hours required for the master’s degree may be transferred from other institutions.
• However, eight transfer hours may be accepted in a program that requires less than 36 credit hours.

Academic Unit Guidelines for Transfer Credit

• Academic Units with transfer rules more stringent than those of the Graduate College shall so indicate in that section of the General Catalog which specifically describes their program.
• The rules of these academic units shall take precedence over those found elsewhere and are available in the Graduate College and the academic unit.

Transfer Credit from Tulsa Campus

• A list of degree and certificate programs offered by OU in Tulsa is available from the Graduate College. For students in Tulsa and admitted to one of these degree and certificate programs, graduate courses taken through the OU/OSU Research and Graduate Education Center will be treated as resident credit by OU, except that in all cases the majority of hours applied toward a degree or certificate must be earned from the University of Oklahoma. Moreover, in no case may more than 15 hours from OSU-Tulsa be applied toward an OU graduate degree. Individual degree programs may impose more stringent residency requirements; students are cautioned to contact the academic advisor in their academic unit regarding resident credit regulations. Finally, the overall GPA on any such hours from OSU-Tulsa must be 3.0 or higher.
• A student who interchanges more than eight hours of credit between Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma must petition the Dean for permission to apply transfer credit from a third institution toward their degree program.

Transfer Credit from the OU Health Sciences Center

• Graduate course work completed at the Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is considered residence credit.
• Upon approval of the academic unit and Graduate Dean, this credit may be used without limitations as credit toward a degree on the Norman campus.

Transfer Credit from the One-Net Conferencing System

• An exception to the 25% limit on transfer credit is made for courses taken through the One-Net two-way video conferencing system.
• Up to 50% of the course hour requirements for a master’s degree may be transferred from Oklahoma State University if the courses were taken via One-Net.
• Residence credit is granted for graduate-level course work taken via One-Net when taught by a member of the University of Oklahoma graduate faculty.

Transfer credit from a First Master’s Degree Applied Toward a Second Master’s Degree

• Credit hours previously presented and counted for one master’s degree may not be applied toward satisfying the requirements of a second master’s degree with the exception of approved dual degree programs.

Transfer Credit from a Professional Degree Applied Toward a Master’s Degree

• With the approvals indicated above, the credit from a professional degree (e.g., DD, MD, JD, DVM, DDS) may be applied toward a master’s degree as transfer credit, provided that such courses carry a grade of B or better and have been approved for graduate credit.

Transfer Credit from an Undergraduate Degree Applied Toward a Master’s Degree

• Work taken by a student in a combined undergraduate degree program may not apply toward a master’s degree.

Transfer Credit in Absentia

• Courses and fieldwork done in absentia may be transferred in rare cases upon recommendation of the academic unit and with approval of the Graduate Dean.

Transfer Credit from Advanced Standing Exams

• No graduate credit may be earned by advanced standing examinations.

Transfer Credit and Grade Point Average Computation

• Transfer credit is considered neutral in the computation of the University of Oklahoma grade point average for the purpose of determining continued admissibility and graduation.

(from Graduate College Bulletin)


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