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We Value Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma is committed to diversity and inclusion in our pursuit of excellence in research and teaching. True excellence in research and teaching can only be achieved in environments that affirm the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals.

Psychology as a discipline firmly recognizes the importance of individual differences. We value and seek to better understand individual differences, including but not limited to those related to race, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, religious and spiritual beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, size and appearance, as well as veteran and socio-economic status. While we value free expression and the critical examination of ideas, we must also be committed to creating an environment of trust, mutual respect, and compassion. We have a shared responsibility to continually foster an environment that supports and benefits all, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, staff, and faculty.

It is important that we all recognize and continually remind ourselves that feelings of alienation, marginalization, powerlessness, and loneliness are detrimental to both physical and mental health. It is therefore incumbent upon the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma that we foster an environment where all individuals feel welcome, valued, competent, and empowered.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Dr. Michael Mumford

Dr. Michael Mumford, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Michael Mumford was named the Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts’ (APA Division 10) 2019 Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology and the Arts! He will be presenting the Arnheim Address at the APA Annual Convention. (Published 1-28-19)

Chuck Gettys Award
Ryan McAdoo

Ryan McAdoo, Chuck Gettys Award

Ryan McAdoo was named the 2019 recipient of the Chuck Gettys Award for outstanding research in graduate school! The award recognizes outstanding quality and quantity of research effort completed by a doctoral student while enrolled in the graduate program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma. (Published 1-28-19)

Awarded Grant
Dr. Michael Wenger & Colleagues

Dr. Michael Wenger & Colleagues - OU Psychology

A team of scientists from the Norman and Health Sciences campuses have received funding from the National Institutes of Health to study whether a woman's iron status at menopause is a risk or a protective factor with respect to later neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Their research project is titled "Iron status at perimenopause: Effects on brain and behavior." Congrats to Dr. Wenger and team! (Published 1-2-19)

Awarded Grant
Dr. Lori Snyder & Colleagues

Dr. Lori Synder and Colleagues OU Psychology

Congratulations to Dr. Lori Snyder, Dr. Joy Pendley, and Dr. Paul Spicer who were recently awarded a $1.7 million, 5-year grant to study factors influencing scientific research careers among American Indians by the U.S. Deptartment of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health!!! Their research project is titled "Factors Influencing Scientific Research Careers Among American Indians."

The project is focused on understanding the experiences of American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) undergraduate students through qualitative and quantitative methods in order to determine factors influencing persistence and success in STEM majors as well as other fields. (Published 1-2-19)

New Faculty Member
Dr. Adam Feltz

Dr. Adam Feltz, Professor of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is excited to announce that Dr. Adam Feltz, Associate Professor of Psychology, will be joining our department this Fall!

He specializes in human factors of informed decision making with an emphasis on ethically relevant judgments and practical implications of those judgments in domains such as health, medicine, law, and finance. He is co-founder and co-managing director of research collaborative. (Published 5-30-18)

Student Spotlight
Ellen Fitzsimmons

Ellen Fitzsimmons, Psychology Undergraduate

Congratulations to Ellen Fitzsimmons (mathematics and psychology major) for her recent acceptance into Graduate School at the University of Missouri - Columbia! She will be pursuing a degree in quantitative psychology.

Additionally, she was a recipient of an Honors College Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Research for her presentation at Undergraduate Research Day! Her project was titled "Predicting Academic Success in Initial Mathematics Course Taken by First-Time Freshmen." (Published 5-30-18)

New Faculty Member
Dr. Erin Freeman

Erin Freeman

The Department welcomes Erin Freeman back to OU!  Dr. Freeman earned her PhD in Personality and Indvidual Differences from the University of Oklahoma.  She currently serves as the Master Teacher for the Department of Psychology's statistics courses. (Published 8-1-17)

Awarded Grant
Dr. Jenel Cavazos

Jenel Cavazos

Dr. Jenel Cavazos, the Master Teacher for the Department of Psychology's introductory psychology courses, has been awarded the 2017 CTE Faculty Fellow Grant.  This is a 1-year grant totaling $10,000 awarded by the Center for Teaching Excellence. (Published 5-30-17)

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