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We Value Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma is committed to diversity and inclusion in our pursuit of excellence in research and teaching. True excellence in research and teaching can only be achieved in environments that affirm the dignity and inherent worth of all individuals.

Psychology as a discipline firmly recognizes the importance of individual differences. We value and seek to better understand individual differences, including but not limited to those related to race, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, religious and spiritual beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, size and appearance, as well as veteran and socio-economic status. While we value free expression and the critical examination of ideas, we must also be committed to creating an environment of trust, mutual respect, and compassion. We have a shared responsibility to continually foster an environment that supports and benefits all, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, staff, and faculty.

It is important that we all recognize and continually remind ourselves that feelings of alienation, marginalization, powerlessness, and loneliness are detrimental to both physical and mental health. It is therefore incumbent upon the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma that we foster an environment where all individuals feel welcome, valued, competent, and empowered.

Chuck Gettys Award
Kylie Key

Ellen Fitzsimmons, Psychology Undergraduate

Kylie Key was named the 2020 recipient of the Chuck Gettys Award for outstanding research in graduate school! The award recognizes outstanding quality and quantity of research effort completed by a doctoral student while enrolled in the graduate program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma




Psychology Newsletter
Fall 2019

The OU Department of Psychology sent out their Fall 2019 Newsletter to psychology alumni. This newsletter highlights the events, awards, and the accomplishments of our undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in 2019. Download the newsletter here.

Student Spotlight
Madeline Wade

Ryan McAdoo, Chuck Gettys Award

Congratulations to Madeline Wade, who received first place in the undergraduate student poster research presentation during the SW Division of the American Association of Geographers' annual meeting in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2019. 



New Faculty Member
Dr. Tess Chevalier

The Department of Psychology is excited to welcome new faculty member Lecturer Dr. Tess Chevalier (Ph.D., University of Wyoming) to the department!

Dr. Chevalier is a developmental psychologist coming from North Carolina. She has spent the last couple of years teaching full-time at Wake Forest University. While she spends most of her time teaching, her research looks at children’s developing social and moral cognition. Specifically, she is interested in how young children use social or moral category information when trying to understand other people.

Vice President for Research Award
Dr. Lori Snyder

Ryan McAdoo, Chuck Gettys Award

Lori Snyder was awarded the 2019 Vice President for Research Award for Broadening the Participation of Traditionally Underrepresented or Underserved Populations. This award is only given out twice per year! Lori is pictured here with former president James Gallogly, chair of the faculty senate Megan Elwood Madden and interim VP for research Randy Hewes.

NAEP Data Training Workshop
Jinan Allan

Graduate student Jinan Allan recently traveled to Washington D.C. for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Summer Data Training Workshop. The workshop hosted graduate students, educational researchers, and analysts from state and local education agencies, who are interested in analyzing large-scale assessment data. The training introduced the unique design features of NAEP data and provided guidance on data analysis strategies required when using NAEP data.

Distinguished Professorship
Dr .Jennifer Barnes

Jennifer Barnes was awarded the 2019 Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Presidential Professorship. Distinguished Professorships honor faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to the mission of a public research university through outstanding instruction, leadership, scholarship and peer recognition. She is pictured alongside former president James Gallogly.



Grant Awarded
Dr. Edward Cokely

Dr. Adam Feltz, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Ed Cokely and our colleagues at OU’s National Institute for Risk & Resilience received a recent grant award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for their project titled "Assessing Numeracy Skills of Forecasters, Partners, and Publics to Improve Tropical Cyclone Product Uncertainty Communication, IDSS, and Training."

Student Spotlight
Dana Mahmoud

Ellen Fitzsimmons, Psychology Undergraduate

Congratulations to undergraduate student Dana Mahmoud, who presented her research at the Society for Judgment and Decision Making in Montreal, Canada in Fall 2019. Her poster presentation was titled "Water Risk Literacy: Validating an Objective Measure of Water Reuse Knowledge". 

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