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Graduate Courses in Sociology


Course NumberCourse Name
5283Fundamentals of Sociological Statistics
5293Advanced Methods of Social Research
5313Qualitative Research Methods
5483Advanced Regression Analysis
6233Advanced Sociological Statistics

Theory / Core Substantive Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
5833Seminar in Social Psychology
5933Seminar in Sociological Theory
6313Seminar in Social Change
6753Historical and Comparative Sociology
6903Issues in Sociological Theory


Course NumberCourse Name
5333Seminar in the Criminal Justice System
5523Seminar in Criminology
5543Seminar in Deviance and Social Control
5863Seminar in the Sociology of the Law
6343Special Topics in Criminology

Demography / Family

Course NumberCourse Name
5723Sociology of the Family
5823Seminar in Social Demography
6833Seminar in Mortality
6843Seminar in Fertility
6853Migration and Immigration
6353Special Topics in Demography
6373Special Topics in Family

Social Differentiation

Course NumberCourse Name
5383Seminar in Social Stratification
5623Minority and Ethnic Groups
5733Sociology of Gender
5943Inequality in a Global Perspective
6363Special Topics in Social Differentiation


Course NumberCourse Name
5790Special Sociological Issues
5831Teaching Seminar
5832Professionalization Seminar
5980Research for Master's Thesis
6980Research for Doctoral Dissertation
6990Special Studies in Sociology