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Samuel Perry

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology, The University of Oklahoma website wordmark
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Samuel Perry

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2015
Office: KAUF 335A
Phone: (405) 325-1751

Research Areas

Religion, Culture, Families, Race/Ethnicity, Gender/Sexuality, Inequality, Collective Action


Sam joined the sociology department in 2015 after finishing his PhD at the University of Chicago. He is also affiliated with both the Religious Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies Departments.

In 2018, Sam’s teaching was acknowledged with the Irene Rothbaum Award for Outstanding Assistant Professor “in recognition of distinguished teaching as demonstrated through scholarship, dedication and the ability to inspire students to high levels of academic achievement.”

Sam’s research explores the intersections of religion, culture, families, and inequality. His first book, Growing God’s Family, explores how the unique cultural characteristics of American evangelicals often create obstacles that hinder them from addressing social problems in effective ways. His second book, Addicted to Lust, examines how pornography use shapes the mental health, religious experiences, and intimate relationships of conservative Protestants in the US. Sam is also the author of over 65 peer-reviewed articles, published in Social ForcesArchives of Sexual BehaviorSocial Science Research, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Journal of Sex ResearchJournal for the Scientific Study of ReligionSociology of Religion, EthnographyQualitative Sociology, and numerous other academic journals. He is currently working on two book projects looking at (1) the powerful influence of Christian nationalism in the US and (2) how cultural ideologies get “baked into” English Bibles through processes of translation and publication.

Sam has been married to his wife Jill since 2003. They have three feral children and look pretty tired most days.