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Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame

2018 Hall of Fame Awards

Hall of Fame Awards 2018 Honorees

Outstanding Service to Veterans and their Families -Edwina Luker (accepted by her daughter Teresa Sterling)

Rural Social Worker - Raquel Razien

Social Work Educator -Dr. Kylene Rehder

Professional Development Leader for the State of OK - Rita Hart

Social Welfare Leader - Dolores Subia Bigfoot

Not pictured: Lifetime Achievement Award – Jim Rosenthal, Social Work Practice Professional - Pam Stark

Professional Development Leader: State

The professional social worker has made significant contributions to specific programs, agencies or field of practice in the State of Oklahoma. The award recognizes leadership at the state level in the development of services or programs. Characteristics of practice include program innovation, advocacy, public education and community or state level inter-organizational work.

Rita Hart 2016-2017
Larry Gross
Deborah Smith2014-2015 
Mary Grissom2013-2014
James Marks2012-2013
Terri White2011-2012
Tracey Strader2006-2007
Keith Pirtle2005-2006
Evelyn Seaton2004-2005
Terrie Fritz2001-2002
Katherine Honor1999-2000
Patricia Fennell1997-1998
Pauline Mayer1996-1997

Professional Development- National

The professional social worker has made significant contributions to specific programs, agencies or field of practice at the national level. This award recognizes national leadership in the development of programs or services. Characteristics of practice include program innovation, advocacy, public education, and national or international-level efforts or leadership.

Shawn Partridge
Harroll "Hop" Backus2014-2015 
Esther Houser2012-2013
Bernard Albaugh2011-2012
Julia Norlin2001-2002
Martha Holmes2001-2002
Ina Javellas1999-2000
Lennie Marie Tolliver1998-1999
Dan Rabovsky1999-1998
Ruth Knee1996-1997

Social Work Practice Professional

The professional social worker has demonstrated distinguished achievement in social work practice. He or she represents the highest level of ethical and effective practice. The recipient is recognized as a revered model for the profession and epitomizes the values of professionalism. Characteristics of practice include the demonstration of leadership qualities, risk-taking, mentoring, teaching, and advocating.

Pam Stark2016-2017
Amy Schrimsher 
Claudia Arthrell 2014-2015 
Pam Sanford 2013-2014
Christine Marsh2012-2013
Bob Mann2011-2012
Martha Scales2006-2007
Jacqueline Cook2005-2006
Linda Edmonson2004-2005
Gwen Allen2001-2002
Ann Hardy1999-2000
Audry Haldaman1998-1999
Beryle Howerton*1998-1999
Mike Frye1997-1998
Charles Dunbar*
Gail Lapidus1996-1997
Katherine Hudson*1996-1997

*Social Work Professional

Rural Social Worker

This award recognizes a social work professional utilizing a generalist practice model in a rural area of Oklahoma. This professional social worker is identified by the community as a resource in more than one area of expertise.

Raquel Razien2016-2017
Cindy Howard
Fran Alltizer2014-2015 
Robinson Tolbert2013-2014
Karen Gaddis2012-2013
Sherri Cone2011-2012
Edna Brown2006-2007
Jessie Vanderpool2005-2006

Outstanding Service to Veterans and Their Families

Edwina Luker2016-2017

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jim Rosenthal2016-2017

Social Welfare Leader

The awardee is a friend of the School who may or may not be a social worker or alumnus but is recognized for his or her contribution to the development of practice standards, enlisting public support for improved social services and practices, and proactively responding to the needs of people. The recipient is recognized for his or her personal and professional integrity in helping people. Characteristics of the recipient's work include responding to social concerns or threats, empowering vulnerable groups, and concern for social justice.

Dolores Bigfoot2016-2017
Juli Skinner
Dan Straughan2014-2015 
Michael Brose2013-2014
Howard Hendrick2012-2013
Henry Zarrow2011-2012
Rodney Bivens2006-2007
Jean Ann VanKrevelen2005-2006
Jim Nicholson2004-2005
Retha Murdock2001-2002
Shirley Cox1999-2000
Tim O'Connor 1998-1999
George Miller1997-1998
Wilma Mankiller1996-1997

Political Leader

The awardee is a friend of the School who may or may not be a social worker or alumnus but is recognized for his or her contributions to the well-being of people at the state or national level. The recipient has demonstrated concern and commitment to improving the lives of citizens through state or national policy formulation, public education, advocacy, and brave and courageous positions. He or she exhibits ethical behavior as a political leader.

Rita Aragon
Lee Denney2014-2015 
Doug Cox2013-2014
Judy Eason McIntyre2012-2013
Al Lindley2005-2006
Bernest Cain2001-2002
Ben Brown 1998-1999
Sandy Ingraham1997-1998
Charles Wright1996-1997

Social Work Educator

The social work educator's career reflects leadership, the vision of the profession, commitment to students and to the profession, and service to the profession and to the educational enterprise. The award recognizes the purpose of professional education to lead and guide the profession. Characteristics of awardees include linkages with practice; contributing to the body of knowledge of the profession; creating awareness and understanding of emerging issues that confront practice and the profession; advocating for social work educations, or performing national responsibilities.

Kylene Rehder2016-2017
Anthony Natale
Peter Correia2014-2015 
Barbara Bramble2013-2014
Don Baker2012-2013
Tonia Caselman2006-2007
Herman Curiel2005-2006
Ken Wedel2004-2005
Jane Flett2001-2002
Patricia Albaugh1999-2000
Wayne Chess1998-1999
Carol Bridges1997-1998
Zelma Hallock1996-1997

Special Award

Martha Scales2013-2014
Herman Curiel2013-2014
Carol Bridges2012-2013
Ina Javellas2011-2012
Mike Fogarty2010-2011
Ollie Woodward2005-2006
John Eckenberger2004-2005
Diane Freeman2004-2005
Eunice McDowell2004-2005
Patti Coloson2004-2005
Donna Vaughn2001-2002
Charles Smith1998-1999
Hayden Donahue1998-1999
Eloise Reynolds1997-1998
Julia Norlin1996-1997

2017 Hall of Fame 100th Anniversary Awards

Advancing Social Work in the State of Oklahoma and Beyond

In celebration of our centennial anniversary, the Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work recognized three people who exemplify social work in Oklahoma and beyond. In 2017, these awards took the place of the school’s annual Hall of Fame Awards. The centennial anniversary award nominations sought exemplary social workers who fulfill the spirit, intentions, and innovation of social work in the state of Oklahoma. These social workers reflect what the school is about, and capture its purpose & mission over the past century.

Bernard Albaugh (pdf)Centennial Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award in Social Work
Connie Schlittler (pdf)
Centennial Anniversary Social Work Impact Award
Kim Woods (pdf)Centennial Anniversary Social Work Practice Award