BIOL/PBIO 3333 (Genetics) Course Resources

Fall 2015

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Welcome to the BIOL 3333 web site.  This site will be modified and updated as the semester progresses. The first links are to copies of your syllabus and course schedule.  Please download this information from this site, or from D2L, if you are enrolled.  Should changes be made in the exam schedule for any reason, these changes will be updated and placed here and D2L. The next item is a course outline.  This summarizes, in temporal order, each topic we will be discussing, referencing the related material in your text.  This is followed by hourly practice exams (with answers), which will familiarize you with test structure and sample problem sets. This is followed by several quizzes, along with their answers.

Due to space limitations on the web site, I have now placed lecture powerpoint slides on D2L. Action Center problem sets will also only be placed on D2L.

The hyperlinks which follow are to sites which provide information on a variety of subjects. The first contains technical information, useful databases and search facilities, along with a hyperlink to the textbook web site. The second contains news and commentary, with emphasis on important new discoveries or controversal topics relevant to genetics. Needless to say, the views expressed in this section are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of your instructor or the University. The next link is to the developmental genetics course web site, which contains additional links relevant to the specific topic of gene expression during specification, differentiation and development. The final link is to my laboratory web site, for those who might be interested in our research interests.