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ZAGS Honors (as of January 2006)

Publications by current graduate students:

ZAGS members do exceptional research, and are usually published in topjournals in their fields. Here is a list of peer-reviewed publications on which current students are first authors:

Allen, D.C., M.C. Hove, B.E. Sietman, M. Davis, D.E. Kelner, and D.J., Hornbach. 2006. Aspects of reproductive biology and conservation status of Venustaconcha ellipsiformis (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Minnesota. American Midland Naturalist, in press.

Chumchal, M.M. and R.W. Drenner. 2004. Interrelationships between phosphorus loading and common carp in the regulation of phytoplankton biomass. Archiv Für Hydrobiologie 161:147-158.

Chumchal, M.M., W.H. Nowlin, and R.W. Drenner. 2005. Biomass dependent effects of common carp on water quality in shallow ponds. Hydrobiologia 545:271-277.

Costa GC, Garda AA, Teixeira RD, Colli GR, and Báo, 2004. Sperm ultrastructure of three species of Phyllomedusa (Anura; Hylidae). Acta Zoologica (Stockholm), 85: 257-262.

Costa GC, Vieira GHC, Teixeira RD, Garda AA, Colli GR, Báo SN, 2004. An ultrastructural comparative study of the sperm of Hyla pseudopseudis, Scinax rostratus, and S. squalirostris (Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae). Zoomorphology, 123:191-197.

Cothran, R. D. 2004. Precopulatory mate guarding increases predation risk for two freshwater amphipod species. Animal Behaviour, 68, 1133-1138.

Garda AA, Colli GR, Aguiar-Jr O, Recco-Pimentel SM, and Báo SN, 2002. The Ultrastructure of the spermatozoa of Epipedobates flavopictus (Amphibia, Anura, Dendrobatidae), with comments on its evolutionary significance. Tissue&Cell, 34(5): 356-364.

Garda AA, Costa GC, Colli GR, & Báo SN. 2004. Spermatozoa of Pseudinae (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae), with a test of the hypothesis that sperm ultrastructure correlates with reproductive modes in anurans. Journal of Morphology, 261: 196-205.

Garda, A.A., Costa, G.C., Colli, G.R. & Báo, S.N. 2004. The spermatozoa of the family Pseudidae (Anura, Amphibia), with a test of the hypothesis of correlation between ultrastructure and reproductive modes in anurans. Journal of Morphology. 261(2): 196-205.

Gillette, D.P., J.S. Tiemann, D.R. Edds, and M.L. Wildhaber. 2005. Spatiotemporal patterns of fish assemblage structure in a river impounded by low-head dams. Copeia 2005(3):539-549.

Gillette, D.P., J.S. Tiemann, D.R. Edds, and M.L. Wildhaber. Habitat use by a Midwestern U.S.A. riverine fish assemblage: Effects of season, water temperature and river discharge. Journal of Fish Biology, in Press.

Hargrave, C.W., Raul Ramirez, Melody Brooks, Michael A. Eggleton, Katherine Sutherland, Raelynn Deaton, & Heather Gailbraith. Species-specific ecosystem effects enhance production of a primary consumer through indirect food web interactions. In Revision: Freshwater Biology.

Jeyasingh, P.D. & C.A. Fuller (2004). Habitat-specific life-history variation in the Caribbean termite Nasutitermes acajutlae (Isoptera: Termitidae). Ecological Entomology 29 (5): 606-613.

Jeyasingh, P.D. & L.J. Weider (2005). Phosphorus availability mediates plasticity in life-history traits and predator-prey interactions in Daphnia. Ecology Letters 8(10): 1021-1028.

Riesch, R., Arndt, M. and Plath, M. (2005). Non-visual localisation of a conspecifics male by surface- and cave-dwelling Atlantic molly females (Poecilia mexicana, Poeciliidae, Teleostei). Natura Croatica 14(1): 47-51.

Riesch, R., Ford, J.K.B. and Thomsen, F. (2006). Stability and group specificity of stereotyped whistles in resident killer whales, Orcinus orca, off British Columbia. Animal Behaviour 71 (1): 79-91.

Riesch, R., Schlupp, I. and Plath, M. (in press). Influence of male competition on male mating behaviour in the cave molly, Poecilia mexicana. Journal of Ethology.

Spooner, D.E., & C. C. Vaughn. 2006. Context-dependent effects of freshwater mussels on stream benthic communities. Freshwater Biology. 51:1016

Spooner, D.E., & C.C. Vaughn. 2000. Impact of drought conditions on a freshwater mussel (Family Unionidae) bed in the Kiamichi River, Oklahoma. Ellipsaria. December 2000.

Tobler, M. & I. Schlupp (2005): Parasites in sexual and asexual molly species of the genus Poecilia (Poeciliidae, Teleostei): A case for the Red Queen? Biology Letters 1 (2): 166-168.

Tobler, M. (2005): Feigning death in the Central American cichlid Parachromis friedrichsthalii. Journal of Fish Biology 66 (3): 877-881.

Tobler, M., K. Wiedemann & M. Plath (2005): Homosexual behaviour in a cavernicolous fish, Poecilia mexicana (Poeciliidae, Teleostei). Zeitschrift für Fischkunde 7 (2): 95-99.

Tobler, M., M. Plath, H. Burmeister & I. Schlupp (in press): Black spots and female association preferences in a sexual/ asexual mating complex (Poecilia, Poeciliidae, Teleostei). Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology.

Tobler, M., M. Plath, H. Burmeister & I. Schlupp (in press): Regressive evolution of visually mediated preferences in the Cave molly (Poecilia mexicana, Poeciliidae, Teleostei). Subterranean Biology.

Tobler, M., T. Wahli & I. Schlupp (2005): Comparison of parasite communities in native and introduced populations of sexual and asexual mollies of the genus Poecilia. Journal of Fish Biology 67 (4): 1072-1082.


We routinely compete for prestigious scholarships, awards, or grants. Here is our recent extra-mural success list:

Chumchal, M.M. 2002, Student Scholarship - Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (competitive merit based scholarship)
Chumchal, M.M. 2004, Student Research Grant - Texas Academy of Science.
Costa, G.C. 2000-02, Scientific Initiation. Source CNPq.
Costa, G.C. 2003-05, Master of Science fellowship. CNPq (Brazilian National Counselor of Scientific Research)
Costa, G.C. 2005-09, Ph.D Grant CAPES/Fulbright.
Cothran, R.D. 2004. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grant, American Museum of Natural History.
Deaton, R. 2004, McCarley Research Award, Southwestern Association of Naturalists.
Fortner, A.. 2006. Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN) Travel grant.
Garda, A.A. 2002, Masters scholarship from the Brazilian financial agency CAPES.
Garda, A.A. 2003, Capes scholarship (Brazil).
Gillette, D.P. 2005-present. Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellow. United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Haalboom, N. 2005. Chase S. and Stella Osborn Fellowship, University of Michigan
Jeyasingh, P.D. 2004, Sigma-Xi Grants-in-aid-of-research.
Paritte, J.M. 2005-2008, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
Paritte, J.M. 2006. Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN) Travel grant.
Spooner, D.E. 2006. National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG).
Spooner, D.E. 2003-5. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation State Wildlife Improvement Grants
Spooner, D.E. 2004. Conchologists of America Student Research Grant.
Spooner, D.E. 2004. National Shellfisheries Association, "Melbourne R. Carriker Student Research Grant".
Tobler, M. 2003, Society for the Study of Natural Sciences (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Tobler, M. 2004, Swiss Acadamy of Sciences (Bern, Switzerland).
Tobler, M. 2005, German Ichthyological Association (Düsseldorf, Germany).
Tobler, M. 2005, Roche Research Foundation (Basel, Switzerland).
Tobler, M. 2005. Janggen Poehn Foundation (St. Gallen, Switzerland).
Tobler, M. 2005-06. Basler Foundation for Biological Research (Basel, Switzerland).
Tobler, M. 2005-06. Wolfermann-Nägeli Foundation (Kilchberg, Switzerland).
Tobler, M. 2006. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grant, American Museum of Natural History.
Werning, S. 2005, Stephen J. Gould Student Research Grant, Paleontological Society.
Werning, S. 2005, Student Research Grant, Geological Society of America.

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