• EcoMunch/EEB 5471 Seminar Schedule (cross-listed as BIOL5471, BOT5471, MBIO5471, 1 cr hr, for Spring 2014; Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30 pm, Richards Hall 304
  • There is free parking for Museum and Survey attendees at 748 College (entry on Parsons, left side of driveway)



Date Speaker Title
20-Aug Kyle Horton

The sounds of avian migration, trends and quantification of flight calling songbirds

27-Aug Rachel Hartnett

Genetic and Environmental Components of Life-History Traits in Daphnia

3-Sept Dr. Rosemary Knapp

The Survey of Academic Field Experiences – food for thought and ideas for improvement of “non-traditional” work and study environments


Dr. Bradley Stevenson

Microbial Activity in B20 Biodiesel: Assessing Risks to Fuel Quality and Infrastructure

Dr. Jeremy Ross

Avifaunal impacts of severe storms

Dr. Jeff Nekola

Through both ends of a spyglass:  North American land snail assemblages from submeter to continental scales

1-Oct Dr. Kiza Gates Science and Policy During Environmental Crises: Experiences as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow with USGS Natural Hazards
8-Oct Billy Culver Population genetic structure and fitness of Daphnia pulicaria across a pH gradient in three North American lakes
15-Oct Dr. Keith Gido
U. Kansas State
Meta-community dynamics of desert fishes
22-Oct Diane Landoll

Testing a mathematical flight model with real data from Scissor-tailed Flycatchers: Can asymmetrical birds fly around corners?

Amber Makowicz

Clonal Recognition Part 2: The influence of body shape, food, and the natural environment

5-Nov Greg Jongsma

Diversity and Biogeography of the frog genus Hylarana in sub-Saharan Africa


Dr. Mark Pyron

Freshwater gastropod morphology and diet across complete geographical ranges. 


Elyse Freitas

The Phylogenetics, Biogeography, and Patterns of Limb Loss in the South African Lizard Genus Scelotes



No Meeting

Dr. Antonio Castro

Ecosystem services trade-offs for watershed management




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