Evolution, Ecology and Behavior


Core Areas of Emphasis:

Graduate Programs:





Elizabeth A. Bergey, Aquatic biology; stream ecology
Richard E. Broughton, Molecular evolution and phylogenetics of fishes
Richard L. Cifelli, Mammalogy; systematics; evolutionary biology; comparative anatomy
Ola M. Fincke, Behavioral ecology of insects; tropical ecology
J. Phil Gibson, Evolutionary ecology, plant reproduction, plant-animal interactions
Cynthia Gordon, Functional morphology, evolutionary ecology
K. David Hambright, Limnology, plankton and fish ecology, invasive species, harmful algal blooms, and microbial diversity
Kenneth R. Hobson, Insect ecology; forest entomology; chemical ecology; entomology
Mariëlle H. Hoefnagels, Soil microbiology; mycology; biology education
Michael Kaspari, Community ecology; biodiversity; entomology; macroecology
Jeff Kelly, Conservation biology, avian ecology; stable isotope applications in ecology; distribution and abundance of vertebrates in Oklahoma
Heather Ketchum, Medical-veterinary and forensic entomology
Rosemary Knapp, Comparative neuroendocrinology and physiology; reproductive behavior
Michael A. Mares, Evolutionary ecology; desert ecology; community development; biogeography; population ecology; mammalogy
Michael R. Markham, Real-time interactions between behavior, ion channels, and functional plasticity in excitable cells.
Edie Marsh-Matthews, Evolutionary ecology, community ecology, ichthyology
John P. Masly, Evolution and development of complex traits; evolutionary genetics
William J. Matthews, Ichthyology; fish ecology
David McCauley, Evolutionary developmental biology; basal vertebrate development
Douglas W. Mock, Social behavior of birds; evolution of behavior
Thomas S. Ray, Evolutionary biology; ecology; tropical biology; digital evolution; pharmacology
Ingo Schlupp, Gynogenetic mating systems; evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction; sexual selection; population biology of fishes including conservation biology
Patricia L. Schwagmeyer, Behavioral ecology of vertebrates; social behavior
William L. Shelton, Fish culture; fisheries biology
Caryn C. Vaughn, Stream ecology; conservation biology
Lawrence J. Weider, Evolutionary ecology; aquatic ecology; ecological genetics of zooplankton
Gary A. Wellborn, Population ecology; community ecology; evolutionary ecology; behavior
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