Microscopy Facilities

Sensory bristles near the mandibles of an ant lion larva (scanning EM image)

Students and faculty in the Department of Biology use a variety of facilities for modern high resolution microscopy. The core electron microscopy facilities are readily available and are conveniently located in the Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory, immediately adjacent to Richards Hall. Confocal microscopy facilities are located in the Stephenson Research and Technology Center. These facilities include an Olympus Fluoview FV500 confocal laser scanning microscope, with an acousto optical tuneable filter (AOTF) and three lasers (Argon, Green He-Ne, and Red He-Ne), as well as the most sophisticated collection of electron microscopes in the State, with a current capital value of nearly $1.4 million. The electron microscopy facilities include two transmission EM microscopes, two scanning EM microscopes, a cryostat and six ultramicrotomes, a cryo-ultramicrotome, a propane jet ultrarapid freezing device, film developing facilities, and wide variety of other supporting equipment. The electron microscopy facilities are also fully supported by two resident full-time microscopists.  









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