Core Areas of Emphasis:

Graduate Programs:


Ari Berkowitz, Neurobiology and control of movements
Richard E. Broughton, Molecular evolution and phylogenetics of fishes
David S. Durica, Developmental genetics; gene organization and expression
Douglas D. Gaffin, Scorpion sensory biology
Randall S. Hewes, Cellular neurobiology and molecular genetics
Penny M. Hopkins, Endocrinology; hormonal control of molting and regeneration in Crustacea
Rosemary Knapp, Comparative neuroendocrinology and physiology; reproductive behavior
Christian H. Lemon, Sensory coding in the brain
John P. Masly, Evolution and development of complex traits; evolutionary genetics
David McCauley, Evolutionary developmental biology; basal vertebrate development
Thomas S. Ray, Evolutionary biology; ecology; tropical biology; digital evolution; pharmacology
Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka, Cellular biology; cytoskeleton and cell motility; wound healing
James N. Thompson, Population genetics; quantitative variation; mutation
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