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September, 2005

  • Jeff Kelly (Biology) and Mike Engel (Miller Professor of Geochemistry) received a $225,000 grant, "Acquisition of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer for biogeochemical research," from the multi-user equipment program in the Earth Science Division of the National Science Foundation. The new instrument will reside in Engel's lab in Sarkey's Energy Center. This instrument will make it possible conduct multi-element stable-isotope analyses of geological and biological materials.

August, 2005

  • Dave Hambright received a 2-year, $269,349 grant, “Toxicological and Ecological Role of Prymnesium parvum in Lake Texoma,” from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. In this project, the Hambright lab will attempt to gain a better understanding of the toxicology of the recently invading heterotrophic protist Prymnesium parvum on striped bass, other important Lake Texoma fish species, and zooplankton, as well as P. parvum’s ecological role as a food source for, and competitor with, major herbivorous zooplankton in the lake.
  • Congratulations to the recent graduates of the Biology Graduate Program. Where did they go?
    Aaron Best: Harvard Medical School (Neurobiology), postdoc
    Sandy Dengler: Univ. Oklahoma (Geology/SNOMNH), postdoc
    Max Fletcher: Yale Univ. School of Medicine (Neurobiology), postdoc
    Chad Hargrave: Univ. Oklahoma (Biological Station), postdoc
    Chris Leary: Univ. Utah (Biology), postdoc
    Stephanie Moriceau: Univ. Oklahoma (Biology), postdoc
    Stephen Richter: Eastern Kentucky Univ. (Biol. Sciences), Assist. Professor
    Eric Roth: Univ. Texas-Houston Medical School (Neurobiology & Anatomy), postdoc
    Tania Roth: Baylor College of Medicine (Neuroscience), postdoc
    Melody Brooks: Student Services Assistant, Univ. Oklahoma (Biology)
    Christine Edly: High school biology teacher, North Burlington, New Jersey
    Heather Galbraith: PhD student, Univ. Oklahoma (Biology)
    Sebastien Gauthier: PhD Student, Univ. Oklahoma (Biology)
    Diane Jackson: Adjunct Professor, Oklahoma City Community College and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (from Oklahoma State)
    Joe Roberts: Homebuilder
    Sarah Werning: Instructor, Univ. Oklahoma (Biology)
June, 2005
  • Don Wilson received a 2 year $117,135 grant, "Functional consequences of sensory gating deficits", from the National Alliance for Autism Research. In this project, the Wilson lab will examine how disruption of olfactory sensory gating affects odor-guided behavior and the anatomical development of normal neural circuits in the olfactory system.  The goal of this work is to understand how a very simple disruption of brain function during development could lead to a constellation of behavioral and anatomical consequences similar to those observed in autism spectrum disorder.

May, 2005

  • Congrats to our grad students!
    Jackie Paritte - 3 year NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
    Jon Shik - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship honorable mention
    PhD's completed this academic year: Dr. Aaron Best, Dr. Sandy Dengler, Dr. Chad Hargrave, Dr. Chris Leary, Dr. Stephen Richter, Dr. Eric Roth, Dr. Tania Roth Masters degrees completed this academic year: Melody Brooks, Christine Edly, Heather Galbraith, Sebastien Gauthier, Diane Jackson, Joe Roberts

April, 2005

  • Congratulations to Victor Hutchison who was recently honored by the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance with the Bill Wiseman Social Justice Award. The award is in recognition of his work in founding Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education, and in support of public school teachers of evolutionary biology.
  • Michael Mares has recently been appointed to the Advisory Committee for Biology of the National Science Foundation.
  • Congratulations to Caryn Vaughn, who recently received a Presidential Professorship.

February, 2005

  • Mariëlle Hoefnagels won the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Scholar Award. It recognizes excellence in teaching and the “scholarship of teaching,” including scholarly contributions such as leading teaching-related workshops at OU and/or national conferences, and publishing articles on teaching.
  • Doug Gaffin received the 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award from Sonoma State University in California

January, 2005

  • The Department of Biology welcomes its newest member of the faculty, Assistant Professor Ingo Schlupp (from the University of Hamburg), and his family to Norman. Dr. Schlupp's research interests include the stability of mating systems, the evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction, sex selection, and population and conservation biology.
  • Liz Bergey received notification of a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation for her grant entitled 'Embedded subsidies: a test with crevice-dwelling algae'. The prestigious five-year, $500,000 grant will support her research on the role of stream algae in aquatic food webs and her educational plan that highlights an ongoing biology outreach program for elementary school students.





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