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September, 2006

  • The 2006 Biology research retreat was September 8-10. Thanks to everyone who contributed to helping make the retreat a huge success.
  • 2007-2008 retreat (dates TBA): Organizer: Edie Marsh-Matthews
    Assistant Organizer: Larry Weider

May, 2006

  • Randy Hewes received a 3 year $135K grant, "Steroid Regulation of the Epitracheal Endocrine System,” from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology. Alterations in the long-term regulation of peptide hormone secretion are associated with aging and with many human diseases, including diabetes, reproductive disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity. In this project, the Hewes lab will examine the molecular mechanisms underlying steroid-mediated regulation of insect ecdysis-triggering hormone gene _expression. The long term goal of this research is to gain a better understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying steroid regulation of peptide hormone systems.
  • Dave Hambright received a 2.5-year grant for $501,243 from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to establish an "Environmental monitoring program for Prymnesium parvum in Lake Texoma." Prymnesium parvum, a toxic golden algal species responsible for substantial fish kills in Texas lakes and reservoirs, recently established populations in several Oklahoman systems, including Lake Texoma. Though golden algal toxins are not known to be harmful to humans, they are highly toxic to fish and other "gill-breathing" animals, and could potentially severely alter the ecological balance in aquatic ecosystems in the state. This award complements his previous ODWC-funded golden algae eco-toxicology research program and aims to gain an understanding of the environmental conditions in Lake Texoma and other Oklahoma reservoirs that are conducive to, prevalent during, and inhibitory to the development of blooms of this invading species.

April, 2006

  • Doug Mock has been named as a new George Lynn Cross Research Professor. This Professorship is the highest award for research at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Jeff Kelly received a 5 year $496, 822 grant from the National Science foundation to create a Research Coordination Network called Migration Interest Group:Research Applied Toward Education (MIGRATE). The network is focused on advancing our understanding of long-distance animal movements through better use of emerging technologies. Network activities will include annual meetings, engaging students from a diversity of backgrounds in training programs, and fostering multi-institutional collaborations throughout the Americas and Europe.
  • Three Biology faculty were honored at the OU “Tribute to the Faculty” in April for 30 or more years of service: Joe Bastian (32 years), Gary Schnell (36 years), and Jim Thompson (31 years).
  • David Hambright has received $8,777 from the Research Council.
  • Dan Spooner's NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant has been recommended for funding.
  • Heather Rice (a Biology major in Randy Hewes’ lab) has been awarded a prestigious, nationally competitive Goldwater Scholarship, at $7500 per year, renewable while an undergraduate.
  • Jeff Kelly was awarded a Junior Faculty Summer Fellowship.
  • Sebastian Gauthier was awarded $1,000 in support for his dissertation research from the Graduate College.
  • Rae Deaton: Won first place in Graduate Student Research Poster Session, during Graduate Student Research and Creative Activity day.
  • Matt Dowling (undergraduate in Mike Kaspari’s lab) has earned a McNair Fellowship and a prestigious, nationally competitive Morris Udall Scholarship ($5,000).
  • Brandi Coyner (graduate of OU Biology department; now a PhD student at OSU) recently won an NSF predoctoral award.
  • Matt Dugas received an honorable mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship competition.

March, 2006

  • Jie Shao has been accepted to the competitive "Complex Systems Summer School" program that will be held in Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

February, 2006


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