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The Department of Biology consists of 34 faculty and about 50 graduate students, whose research interests range from crab leg regeneration proteins and fly neuropeptide secretion genes to fish sexual deception, avian fratricide, and rat olfactory learning, and to dinosaur evolution and ecosystems in peril. This diversity, along with our Department's open and friendly atmosphere, promotes interdisciplinary research and collaborative interaction. It also provides an excellent environment in which to train graduate students for successful careers in teaching, research, industry, and conservation.


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Many Biology graduate students and faculty are housed on the Norman campus in Sutton Hall and nearby Richards Hall. Common facilities include a state-of-the-art molecular biology lab, the Biology animal facility, and boats and vehicles for field study. Several of the Biology faculty hold joint appointments with the OU Biological Station on Lake Texoma, the Oklahoma Biological Survey, and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. These affiliations support graduate student training in field biology, conservation biology, systematics and museum curation. In addition, the resources of the Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory, the Stephenson Center for Research and Technology, the facilities of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Botany and Microbiology, departments at the OU Health Sciences Center, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park in nearby Oklahoma City offer many opportunities for collaborative instruction and research.


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