Biology Core Molecular Lab
Biology Core Molecular Lab

This page summarizes a few of the features and procedures for usage of this facility. For further information on access and usage, please contact Ann Harris at .


Located in Sutton Hall Room 310 the Biology Core Molecular Lab provides all tools necessary to go from tissues to data analysis, whether using individual tubes or 96-well plates. The lab has an Applied Biosystems 3130xl (16-capillaries) genetic analyzer with both DNA sequencing and GeneMapper software.

Submit samples for Sequencing or Microsatellite fragment reads along with our ZCML Request Forms Sequencing/Microsatellite. Include a copy of the associated ZCML worksheet with your name, the Professor’s name, an account to be charged for the work, and a list of samples.

There is a discount for multiples of 16 or 96-well plates with rates listed below.

Big-Dye® Terminators v3.1 are attached using thermo cycling and then an ethanol precipitation procedure is used to remove the unincorporated dyes before loading on the sequencer. You may supply samples ready for the dye-labeling PCR reaction or ready to load on the 3130xl. To view your results, Applied Biosystems offers on their website Sequence Scanner Software free of charge.

Ready for Big-Dye reactions:  Supply cleaned PCR products or plasmids and their primers ready for cycle sequencing reactions. Make sure to list the primer’s current concentration.
Rates: 1 – 15 rxn $ 4.30 each ($4.30/capillary)
  16 rxns $ 68.00                 ($4.25/capillary)
  96 rxns $403.20                 ($4.20/capillary)
Dried “ready to load” samples: Supply in 0.2 µl tube, strip or plate.
Note: Sequencing reactions using Big-Dye Terminators are not included in this price. 
Rates: 1 – 15 rxn $1.95 each     ($1.95/capillary)
  16 rxns  $  30.40


  96 rxns         $177.60 ($1.85/capillary)

Drop off completed reactions in 0.2 µl tube, strip or plate. ZCML provides the sizing standard. Up to three samples may be “multiplexed” on one capillary read, but please coordinate dye sets before ordering labeled primers. The 3130xl uses dye sets: DS-33: 6-Fam, Vic, Ned, Pet, with Liz size standard (five-dye) and DS-30: 6-Fam, Hex, Ned, with Rox size standard (four-dye). To view your results, Applied Biosystems offers on their website Peak Scanner Software free of charge.

Rates: 1 – 15 lanes $ 2.60 each        ($2.60/capillary)
  16 lanes $  40.80              ($2.55/capillary)
  96 lanes $240.00           ($2.50/capillary)











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