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Anthony Burgett

Anthony Burgett

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry & Associate Member of Stephenson Cancer Center Stephenson Life Science Research Center 2060 405-325-3551 Ph.D., Biological Chemistry - University of Texas-Southwestern, 2006


Our research group is focused on identifying the cellular mechanisms of action through which novel compounds affect biological systems, and then to apply these research advancements to unlock new understandings in cellular biology and to launch new approaches in the therapeutic intervention of human disease. This research focus is intensely cross-disciplinary, requiring an interwoven union of organic chemistry, cellular biology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology and analytical chemistry. Our current research project is to understand the ligand binding characteristics and cellular biochemistry of the oxysterol-binding proteins (OSBP/ORPs). The OSBP/ORPs have been implicated in several human disease states, including Alzheimer’s disease. Recent research has also shown that the OSBP/ORPs serve in critical roles as lipid sensors and/or lipid transporters, which has clear implications to cellular neurobiology.

Selected Publications:

Terzyan, S. S., Burgett, A. W. G., Heroux, A., Smith, C. A., Mooers, B. H .M., and. Hanigan, M. (2015) Human gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase 1: structures of the free enzyme, inhibitor-bound tetrahedral transition states and glutamate-bound enzyme reveal novel movement within the active site during catalysis. J. Biol. Chem. 290: 17576-17586.

Pan, N., Rao, W., Kothapalli, N. R., Liu, R., Burgett, A. W. G., and Yang, Z. (2014) The Single-probe: a miniaturized multifunctional device for single cell mass spectrometry analysis. Anal. Chem. 86: 9376–9380.

Burgett, A. W. G., Shair, M. D., et al. (2011) Natural products reveal cancer cell dependence on oxysterol-binding proteins. Nature Chemical Biology 7: 639-647.

Williams, N. S., Burgett, A. W. G., Atkins, A. S., Wang, X., Harran, P. G., and McKnight, S. L. (2007) Therapeutic anticancer efficacy of a synthetic diazonamide analog in the absence of overt toxicity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 2074-2079.

Wang, G., Shang, L., Burgett, A. W. G., Harran, P. G., and Wang, X. (2007) Diazonamide toxins reveal an unexpected function for ornithine d-amino transferase in mitotic cell division. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 2068-2073.

Burgett, A. W. G., Li, Q., Wei, Q., and Harran, P. G. (2003) A concise and flexible total synthesis of diazonamide A. Angewandte Chemie. Int. Ed. 42: 4961-4966.