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Fast Pyrolysis Switch Grass - Char dynamic flow study


Hot switch grass char dynamic in pyrolysis reactor at 370 oC and 1000 sccm N2

Hot switch grass char dynamic in pyrolysis reactor at 600 oC and 1000 sccm N2

Hot switch grass char dynamic in pyrolysis reactor at 600 oC and 1750 sccm N2




Fast Pyrolysis


Fast pyrolysis is produced by heating the grass at rate higher than 300 oC*s-1.

Pyrolysis of switch grass produces a gas / liquid / solid fractions in the order of 25 / 55 / 20 wt% respectively.

The thermal reactions depolymerize the lignin, hemicelluloses and cellulose grass components


They are cracked into very viscous, unstable, oxygen rich compounds: Phenols – Carboxylic acids – Ethers – Furans – Lactones, and aromatics containing nitrogen and oxygen.

Water, CO and CO2 are also formed.

Higher the temperature and shorter the residence time, higher the gas and gasoline and lower the diesel and fuel oil production. The decarbonylation is increased and the H/C is reduced by increasing the pyrolysis temperature

Content 4


Use switch grass and any other crop or biomass

Convert the carbonaceous feeds by steam pyrolysis process.

Adapt the products properties by secondary upgrading to fulfill the specific fuel properties.

Preserve some oxygenated products.

Integrate the pyrolysis plant to other sources of utilities and energy demand (steam & fuels gas).

Produce energy using the low quality heavy products (Tar & Fuel Oil).

Look for other high value chemical products using OU know how in process and catalysis.


The energy balance depend on Feed composition


Product distribution can be modified by steam, hydrogen and catalysts


Why molecular engineering approach?


Current activities

Bench scale pyrolysis plant under construction.

Acquire GCGCMS and other analytical capabi- lities.

Pyrolysis products upgrading studies

Preliminary economical evaluation of the upgrading schemes: cost of fuels production

Review the effect of steam and pretreatment in pyrolysis