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  • Full Value Chain Production of Biofuels

We are looking for new students to join our program.

We have a major program that is working to produce high quality compatible fuels and chemicals from biomass. Our principle target feedstocks are switchgrass and algae.

Other programs we are collaborating with are developing new varieties of these of these to optimize the production of molecules during thermo-catalytic processing that maximize production of the desired diesel, gasoline and chemicals, depending on the processing pathway. The key to this molecular engineering approach is to identify the reactive chemical structures in the feedstocks and along each reaction/separation step and tune the catalysis to obtain the best result.

Along with designing the catalysts and catalytic reaction process, important analytical information obtained by GCMS, NMR and IR among others is required. These optimizations require consideration of the capitol and operating cost and therefore needs to be integrated with techno-economic analyses.

The program is funded by The US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Oklahoma Bioenergy Center as well as companies.

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