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Archaeological Projects
undertaken by the CCAC

Caesarea Martima, Israel

Uh oh

Amanda Bell 2000 season Caesarea

Bob Hutchings

Bob Hutchins Caesarea 2000

Brady and Malinda sifting sand Caesarea 2000

Brady Malinda and Bob Caesarea 2000 with OU flag

Bronwynn Holcomb 2000

Caesarea 2000 Heidi and Debra paper work never ends

Caesarea 2000 Sam and company

Caesarea team 2000 TP7 Crew

Caesarea team 2000

Debra Taylor and Farland Stanley

Dr. Stan Pastor Caesarea 2000

Dr. Stan Pastor with helper

Excavation scene 2000 team

Farland supervising 2000

Tp 11 AND 28 2000

Kris Kimmell 2000

Kris Kimmell 2000 keeping records

Relaxing among the ruins


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