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Archaeological Projects
undertaken by the CCAC

Monte Cassino, Italy

In 2001 the Center led an expedition to excavate at the Roman town of Casinum located at Monte Cassino, Italy. The expedition searched for the remains of a Roman temple and established the date for the city’s amphitheater to the early 4th century BC, which agrees with Latin literature. Founded by the Romans in 310 BC, the city benefited from architectural embellishments well into the Roman Imperial period. Casinum is located south east of Rome on the Via Latina, a famous road leading to Pompeii. It was the home of the Roman historian Varro and favored by Marc Anthony.

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Below is a section of the Via Latina and Casinum’s restored theater.

Casinum’s amphitheater was built by a local wealthy Roman lady named Ummidia Quadratilla, who was known for training highly educated slaves. An entrance to the amphitheater is above right. Her supposed mausoleum is pictured above left.

Below are views of the Roman amphitheater at Casinum.

More photos from the 2001 expedition


Via Latina at Cassinum 2001

Abby of Monte Casino modern view

another general view of Monte Casino


Cassinum group 2001

Excavating in Area Q

Excavating next to the amphitheater

General view of Area Q

General view of Monte Casino

Group Cassinum

Joseph Drake

Lacy Jo Burgess excavation scene

Map of area around Cassinum

Monastary of Monte Cassino

Monte Cassino under bombardment in WWII

Police and bomb squad with newly excavated artillary shell f

Pottery washing scene

Professor Barbara Tasser



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