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OU CINS has a vibrant academic program with several unique qualities:

  • Strong emphasis on experiential learning and structured problem solving.
  • Diverse pool of high-quality STEM, critical languages, and social/behavioral science students.
  • Target advanced undergraduate students and/or graduate students to reinforce existing competencies and provide new competencies.
  • Academically rigorous requiring a minimum 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale) to earn the Certificate or Minor.
  • Educational enrichment experience scholarships awarded competitively to support study abroad.
  • Summer institute taught overseas by OU CINS faculty.
  • Active engagement of IC professionals in mentoring students.

Intelligence and National Security Minor (pdf)

The Intelligence and National Security minor is ideal for anyone interested in intelligence analytics and strategy. It is ideal for students who want to work with the engineering and problem-solving of network security, or the fundamentals of terrorism. Students must successfully complete at least 18 hours of coursework, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level. The minor is certified by the International Association for Intelligence Education as providing the general knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the professional and intellectual standards for graduates of intelligence education programs.

Certificate in Intelligence Studies (pdf)

The University of Oklahoma Center for Intelligence and National Security offers a 9 credit hour Certificate in Intelligence Studies. Students are required to complete either PSC 4020 or a series of three 1 credit hour courses ENGR 3510/PSC 3220. In addition, students select two of the remaining courses as electives from an approved list of courses. If you are unable to complete 9 credit hours from the approved list of courses, we will consider applications based upon equivalent course work, provided that a minimum of 3 credit hours is taken from the approved list of courses.

4 + 1 Master’s Degree with concentration in Intelligence and National Security