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Academic Credit

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Academic Credit

Academic Credit for Study Abroad

You are guaranteed to receive academic credit for all coursework taken on OU-approved study abroad programs. Your Academic Adviser can help you determine which courses make sense for you to take while abroad. Your Study Abroad Adviser will help you through the course equivalency and credit transfer process. 

  • You must submit required documentation to receive credit.
  • Courses are equated by default to lower-division elective credit.
  • Upper-division electives, Gen Ed credit, and/or specific equivalencies to existing OU courses can be requested and are subject to approval. See below for the course approval flow chart.

How to Receive Credit for Study Abroad Courses

  • You can apply for course equivalencies before or after a study abroad program. We recommend applying before you go so you know how your courses will transfer back to OU.
    • The deadline to apply for course equivalencies is one year after your program has ended.
  • All courses taken abroad will be posted to your OU transcript.
    • Most OU courses taken abroad will show letter grades, see your Study Abroad Adviser for exceptions.
    • For all other programs, passed courses will post as S (satisfactory) and failed courses will post as U (unsatisfactory). 
  • You must be enrolled full-time on semester programs (12 hours for undergraduates). 

  • Summer programs do not have a minimum enrollment requirement, but some financial aid requires full-time enrollment for summer programs (6 hours for undergraduates).

Study Abroad Course Equivalency Process

Please follow the steps below and submit all paperwork on time.

Students studying abroad on OU Study Center programs, Journey programs, or College Sponsored programs do not need to follow these steps.

  1. Check the Course Equivalency Information link on your program's online brochure.
    • Equivalencies listed online are valid within their expiration date and do not need further approval.
    • If the course expires before your study abroad term, follow the steps below.
    • For unequated courses not listed online, follow the steps below.
  2. For each course you want equated, submit the appropraite request form:
    • Study Abroad Course Equivalency Request Form
    • General Education Evaluation Form for an Unequated OU Study Abroad Course
    • Application to Request a Study Abroad Equivalency for Spanish
    • Application to Request a Study Abroad Equivalency for Japanese
  3. For each course you want equated, submit these materials with your form:
    • Syllabus
    • Any course materials you have access to, such as textbook details, exams, class schedules, etc.
    • If you have trouble locating these materials, contact your Study Abroad Adviser.
  4. Take the form to the department most similar to the content of the course (e.g. History) and ask them to fill out the faculty portion.
    • For Gen Eds, take the form to your Academic Adviser
    • If you don't know which department should review your form, ask your Academic Adviser
  5. Bring your completed form(s) to the Education Abroad office.

Timeline for Credit Transfer for University Exchange and Affiliate Programs

We recommend talking to your Academic Adviser in Phase 2 to determine which courses are best to take while studying abroad. 

Phase 3: You will complete the Credit Agreement Form to select preliminary courses. We also recommend starting the course equivalency process now.

Phase 4: You will complete the Enrollment Verification Form to confirm your final courses after enrollment. The form must be signed by a program official on-site. Before you leave, request your offical transcript be sent to Education Abroad.

Phase 5: Once your transcript arrives, we will notify you and Academic Records to post your courses and grades. Any courses not previously equated will post as lower-division electives. Once your courses have been posted, you have up to one year to complete the course equivalency process.