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Regional Advisory Committees

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Regional Advisory Committees

In the fall of 2009, President Boren created seven regional advisory committees with the goal of increasing the number of OU undergraduates studying abroad. Regional advisory committee chairs and co-chairs were asked to serve three-year terms, and were charged with the oversight and review of credit-bearing study abroad opportunities within their assigned region.  Chairs and co-chairs also issued recommendations to the office of Education Abroad concerning new reciprocal exchange agreements. 

Each regional advisory committee meets at least once a semester. Senior Vice President and Provost Nancy Mergler appointed the following chairs (and in some instances, co-chairs) for three-year terms beginning the fall semester of 2012 and ending the spring semester of 2015:

Africa Regional Advisory Committee (exclusive of the Maghreb and Egypt)
Chair: Dr. Michael J. Soreghan, Assistant Professor of Geology

Americas Regional Advisory Committee (inclusive of the Caribbean and Canada)
Chair: Dr. Charles Kenney, Associate Professor of Political Science

Asia Regional Advisory Committee (inclusive of Oceania and exclusive of China and Taiwan)
Chair: Dr. Eric Braun, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

China Regional Advisory Committee (inclusive of Taiwan)
Co-Chairs: Dr. Paul Bell Jr., Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Peter Gries, Harold J. & Ruth Newman Chair & Director, Institute for US-China Issues and Professor of International and Area Studies

Europe Regional Advisory Committee (exclusive of Italy and Turkey)
Chair: Dr. Karin Schutjer, Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics (German)

Italy Regional Advisory Committee
Co-Chairs: Dr. Jason Houston, Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics (Italian) and Dr. Allison Palmer, Associate Professor of Art History

Middle East Regional Advisory Committee (inclusive of Turkey, Egypt and the Maghreb)
Co-Chairs: Dr. Afshin Marashi, Associate Professor of International and Area Studies and Farzaneh Family Chair of Iranian Studies and Dr. Shmuel Shepkaru, Associate Professor Judaic History