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OU in Puebla

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OU in Puebla

About Puebla, Mexico

  • Puebla is the “Campus of Mexico” with more than 386 universities in the state of Puebla (8 of the top universities in Mexico) and more than 215,000 students.  
  • Puebla has partnerships with universities in more than 32 countries.  
  • Volkswagen and Audi have their western hemisphere headquarters in Puebla.  
  • Puebla has won multiple awards for public safety, tourism, museums and nightlife.  There was a 35% increase in overnight tourism in Puebla during 2014 and a 60% increase in Puebla day trips.  More than 700,000 people visited Puebla in 2014.  
  • UNESCO has declared a large section of Puebla as a World Heritage site, which includes about 400 square blocks and 2,600 colonial buildings.