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Safety in Puebla

The state of Puebla, in which OU operates its study abroad programs, is considered by the State Department to be stable and safe for U.S. citizens.  Click here for the complete State Department Travel Warning issued for Mexico.

OU is committed to student safety.  All students participating in OU sponsored programs in Mexico are required to attend an orientation session which covers health and safety.  At this session, students are advised on areas in which U.S. citizens should use extreme caution when traveling, and areas in which non-essential travel should be deferred.  OU students are informed that they may travel freely in all areas in which no travel advisory is in place, but they are restricted from traveling to any areas in which the State Department has deferred non-essential travel.  Additionally, although travel is not restricted in areas in which the State Department has advised U.S. citizens should use extreme caution, OU students are discouraged from traveling to those areas.  

State Department Travel Warnings in Mexico

Click on image for current interactive map from the US State Department.