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Study Abroad Phases

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Study Abroad Phases

Phase 2 begins when you meet
with your OU Study Abroad
 or college coordinator
for College Sponsored Programs.

We will open the Phase 2
program application for you
as part of the Phase 2 meeting*.
Then you will log in to our
software and complete Phase
2 online by the deadline for your

4Check InEnjoy being abroad!
5Confirm Coursework

Leverage Study Abroad

Submit your Study Abroad photos

Eligibility Requirements

In order to study abroad as an OU student, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be  in good academic and Student Conduct standing at OU and remain in good standing throughout the duration of the program; student conduct checks will be done once an application has been opened
  • Be enrolled full-time at OU the semester prior to the study abroad term
  • Have completed 2 semesters of college-level course work in residence as a full-time student on a college and/or university campus
  • Be a degree-seeking student at the time of study abroad

The full Study Abroad Eligibility Policy can be found here (PDF).

The Study Abroad Policy on Completing Materials can be viewed here (PDF).

Study Abroad Full Time Enrollment Petition Form